Author Topic: Slogger's 5 day C2C attempt.  (Read 10420 times)


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Re: Slogger's 5 day C2C attempt.
« Reply #105 on: 15:19:38, 05/10/18 »
Well Done Slogger.
 I`d be interested to know how/where the walking in the dark with a headlamp went. My excursions with that have been by mistake and in woodland and every tree tump looked like a bear (US). I have done the C-C.
How did you navigate at night.Was in moonlit.
I have a couple of good head torches and one exceptionaly good one. Suprabeam V3R.Navigation is easy enough along paths, it's simply a matter of making mental npotes beforehand for important turnings etc.
It can and often does get a bit tricky when crossing terrain with no discerable path and it is best to take a compass bearing between known entrance and exit points. Bearing off is very useful in these If going through a gate in a wall or fence with no visible path in front, and say the exit point across the land in between (On the C2C it will usually be a big field) if you just walk in the approximate direction in the total darness aided by your headtorch, you will arrive at the other end, let's say a wall. You look along either side but you can't see the gate. it could be to the left or right. The only way you are going to find it is by walking one way then/or the other.However if when entering the field in the first place you took a compass bearing and intentionaly set it to say the left of your exit point by around 100 metres. When you hit the wall you will know that you need to follow the wall to the right to find the gate. You can this with any linear feature. With a stream or river to get to a footbridge, set the compass to a point upstream of your target, then follow the river downstream to the target.


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Re: Slogger's 5 day C2C attempt.
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Thanks Slogger that is useful information. I did know about aiming off but have never used it.
I recall meeting, and for a spell joined up with a group of walkers being lead by one guy. At every boundary and feature he checked his map with his compass; we came to a field with an obvious diagonal field path but he still checked it. I was interested and asked him about it. He said he was ex military and that is how it should be done; which clearly it is.


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