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Satmap screen
« on: 19:38:10, 24/09/18 »
A broad straight blue line has appeared on my map screen. What is it and how do I remove it?


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Re: Satmap screen
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A solid blue line will connect your location to the GoTo point at all times, until the Clear GoTo button is pressed according to the SatMap manual. If you have the manual it may be worth reading it  O0
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French Nomad

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Re: Satmap screen
« Reply #2 on: 19:54:42, 24/09/18 »
Many thanks sussamb. I did read the manual cover to cover, or start to finish, many years ago, but have forgotten most of it as  features that I use regularly are well know to me, but the blue line was a mystery 👍

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Re: Satmap screen
« Reply #3 on: 17:26:08, 26/09/18 »

You can also get a blue-line (normally top-to-bottom) when you get pixel damage on the screen (something has pressed on it)

If it moves when you are walking, then its your 'goto pointer', if it is always in the same position then its 'pixel damage'

Section 8 of the manual :

An activate route has relevant data choices
available for display on the GPS MAP screen
in either 2 or 4 data box overlays (sections
7.04 7.08). Refer to MAIN MENU →
Settings → Set Trip Data to control whether
changing an activated route during a trip will
reset the log data.
When active, the route is shown as a yellow
or blue highlighted line with red arrowheads
indicating the direction of travel. Inactive
routes are shown as gray highlighted lines
when displayed.
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