Author Topic: Snowdon via crib goch  (Read 805 times)


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Snowdon via crib goch
« on: 21:13:02, 12/10/18 »
 Crib Goch has been my target for this year,  As Iím on my own In the hills Iím dubious at times if the weather is bad as to whether to continue on a new route. I went in the middle of June with the aim of getting across, despite the forecast, on the day it was nonstop rain and fog so I abandoned the ridge and ended up going up the pyg track instead, was my first ascent via this route and despite getting soaked rather enjoyed it! My second attempt I nearly went ahead, got as far as the col but visibility was very poor so after staring up into a white mist for over an hour I ducked out again! Frustrating given the good forecast and 350 mile round trip in order to get there. Iím hoping for one last attempt before the year is done, I know its closing in for daylight and chances of good weather is slim, but should it turn up is there anything to look out for at this time of year that one might not encounter mid-summer? Also if it is cloudy like both times before should I just press on regardless?, does the route open up ok?


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Re: Snowdon via crib goch
« Reply #1 on: 10:58:38, 13/10/18 »
Not knowing you it's difficult to advise, only you know how confident you are. It can be done in misty weather but if you don't already know the route it will be hard work find you way and you'll miss out of the fantastic views. Large section of this route are on rock, if it's wet it will be slippy, if it's below zero the wet rock will freeze leaving a thin covering of ice called "Verglas". This is very difficult to deal with.
As you say the chance of a fine weather window this time of year is slim but they do happen, not necessarily when your there though. There's a greater chance of a temperature inversion at this time of year, when the valleys are filled with cloud and the summits are like islands in bright sunshine. Unfortunately, there difficult to predict.
The main thing to remember is that Crib Goch will always be there, the trick is to make sure you are. 

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Re: Snowdon via crib goch
« Reply #2 on: 11:45:31, 15/10/18 »
The only good advice about attempting Crib Goch, is to climb it in favourable conditions.
If its raining, then the scrambling on wet shinny rock up the Eastern flanks of the mountain will be far more difficult than it should be.
The biggest issue would be wind, and even though ive seen some walkers traversing its crest in far from ideal conditions, its advisable to attempt it only when the weather will allow.

Its unfortunate that the majority of walkers have not got the luxury of the perfect weather for a traverse of Crib Goch, but the ideal weather is dry and calm.

 Mist is not so much an issue, as ive crossed it in very poor visibility, but that was in dry conditions with little or no wind.

Just treat the mountain with the respect it deserves, and even though it has a fearsome reputation, its not a difficult mountain to conquer, as long as a bit of common sense is shown, and one realises how acute the exposure can be for some walkers.

Once your actually on the ridge, there is nowhere to hide or escape, and turning back and returning the way you came is actually more difficult than soldiering on and finishing the ridge.

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Re: Snowdon via crib goch
« Reply #3 on: 17:17:19, 15/10/18 »
Can second Dyffryn's advise! I really don't see the point in walking Crib Goch in the fog - it's all about the views! I don't think it makes it any more dangerous (unless it has slicked the rocks). My dad, being rather scared of heights has only walked it once, in the fog, and assures me he wouldn't do it with clear skies though - so there are even some benefits for some! (as long as the fog is the most of your worries). Obviously you'll need to be a confident map reader, even in the fog, if this is your plan.