Author Topic: TR Newlands Valley, Rigghead Quarries to Stonethwaite Sat 27 Oct 18  (Read 901 times)


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Those photos are stunning, April - the colours are so vibrant.  O0   I love the Newlands Valley. That view of Hindscarth, Robinson and Ard Crags is one of my favourites.  :)  Great trip report, as always.  O0


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Thanks adalard  :)
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Superb clarity and colour there. I just knew there would be great crisp views last week when we were at home in the sunshine fearing of those cold northerlies and (predicted) possible wintry showers on the tops.

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Nice April. I like the way you know everything you're looking at and label it. My favourite photo is Borrowdale from the descent.


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Cool, crisp and clear, looked fab April. And thank you for sharing your day  O0
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