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A Touchy Subject
« on: 11:47:36, 12/11/18 »
The longer I walk (distance) the more I suffer and I don't want to shorten my walks.
My problem is chaffing  at the top of my legs
What underwear does everyone recommend  :-[


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Re: A Touchy Subject
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Re: A Touchy Subject
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I think men and women alike have discussed this problem in the past on the forum. Top 2 answers were cream (as already mentioned) and/or wearing cycling shorts under their troos instead of regular undies. I think M&S boxers were mentioned too for the slightly more errr delicate areas that may suffer a similar problem.

.... slightly disturbed I remembered this much  ;D
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Re: A Touchy Subject
« Reply #3 on: 13:14:50, 12/11/18 »
M&S boxers and Sudocrem.  Most nappy rash creams seem to work and come in nice big pots.  Apply it before you set off.  Talc helps too. 
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Re: A Touchy Subject
« Reply #4 on: 13:16:09, 12/11/18 »
I've stopped wearing proper trousers, and underpants for hiking
Now I wear pull on jogging/sports pants, without any underwear
I have 3 pairs; synthetic with different linings depending on the weather; comfortable and dry quickly
I got them all from charity shops; prices were about 2-50 to 5


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Re: A Touchy Subject
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I have found that wearing a second layer underneath the outer trousers helps, e.g thermals or Ron Hills. The principle is similar to wearing liner socks to prevent blisters.


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Re: A Touchy Subject
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Cheap boxers work for me.
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Re: A Touchy Subject
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I wear X-Bionic boxers (expensive) and apply Lanacane Anti-Chaffing Gel.

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Re: A Touchy Subject
« Reply #8 on: 00:26:57, 08/01/19 »
In a complicated way I half recommend the Rohan undies with 'silver' composition. They proved good at wicking away moisture (  :o  ) and preventing any friction damage.
However I only persisted with them because they were so expensive and I wanted to get my moneys worth. The problem for me was fit :- based on size/dimensions my first pair were medium fit. Waist was ok but the derriere compartment could have fitted another pair of buttoks (ala Forrest Gump) in.
After putting up with them for a while I tempted fate by buying a pair of small fitting ones. These were worse - great for Action Man but no use for me, unless you are happy walking with all your apparatus 'shrink wrapped' !
There seems to be no consistency in sizing.
I reverted to the first pair as the ventilation afforded by the baggy 'awning' was useful.
The second pair split somewhere during the testing phase.
I hear Zeppelin do a similar range  ;D
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Re: A Touchy Subject
« Reply #9 on: 00:57:58, 08/01/19 »
Talc + Lycra jogging shorts because they don't have a padded crutch like cycling shorts do. Loose fitting walking trousers over the top. Chaffing is annoying because it is a cause of skin tags of which I now have a few ad they catch if your not careful, or have them removed but who wants to go into those parts of the body ??
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Re: A Touchy Subject
« Reply #10 on: 11:23:51, 08/01/19 »
Compression shorts, manufactured by either Skins or Under Armour.
If your after a pair of the highest quality walking shorts, with a inner lycra , then Salomon are the best and Karrimor have a good selection at a more realistic price, but not as well made.
The Salomon ones are a bit pricey, but absolutely bullet proof, and are the best on the market, whilst the Karrimor ones are less well made, but just as effective.

I remember seeing a pair of the Salomon ones in Bettws Y Coed Rock Bottom last year, but they were in an XXL size, so were far too big for me,  but everything about them was quality, and if your a regular Long Distance walker, who suffers from chaffing, then their worth every penny, but their not cheap.

Their a bit too expensive for what they are, but if you want the best, with a very high quality Lycra inner short, then they are the ones to go for.

A cheaper alternative, is to buy a pair of Skins lycra shorts, which you can wear under your clothing, this will guarantee a more comfortable walking experience.

Years ago, i can remember chaffing my thighs to bits in the Beacons, blood all over the place, and it took weeks for the wounds to heel.

I wear Compression clothing, and it will stop all chaffing of the legs, and the Lycra shorts can be easily worn under your clothing.
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