Author Topic: Do you buy gear that 'links together' or buy separatedly?  (Read 947 times)


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Re: Do you buy gear that 'links together' or buy separatedly?
« Reply #15 on: 15:49:15, 21/11/18 »
I bought the NeoAir because I wanted an inflatable mattress that kept the ground cold from getting though to my body, I've found it does this very effectively. I bought the fitted sheet because I tend to only wear boxer shorts in the warmer months and I'm not keen to sleep directly on NeoAir plastic, plus it cuts down noise when I turn over during the night. My motivation for buying my sleeping quilt was twofold, I wanted to lower carrying weight and to buy something that compressed into a smaller size. having no hood and no back on my quilt solved both problems. Obviously nothing is perfect, but I began to notice the cold a bit as I've become older and I think my quilt perhaps has lost some heat retaining qualities over the years that I have owned it. I thought of various ideas (New down, wearing more clothes overnight etc. I do not want to spend out money on another quilt) so in the interim I bought a simple cheap (5.99) throwover camping blanket from Decathlon. I used it in the Lakes recently, worked a treat, I was so warm both nights, I had to throw it off me from about midnight until about 5am. I then felt chilly again and pulled it back over me! It never occurred to me that my outlay would be less than 6, I was prepared to pay more, now I don't have to.

I tried a friend's quilt, a Cumulus I think, and didn't get on with but then I suffer from a lot of back and neck problems so getting comfy is hard and consequently I move a round a LOT before I finally fall asleep and I found that that it kept creating little gaps and draughts and I couldn't just roll about without thinking about how it was "sealing" back up again. I was thinking, whilst using it, that it would have been better if it had a back that attached with velcro or something rather than all the elastic, converting it into a bag but with no insulation on the bottom - just a bit of material. I know plenty of bag makers do a differential fill but they don't seem to do a zero bottom fill for some reason.

I looked into quilts a fair bit before finally buying my last sleeping bag and it seemed to me you save a bit of weight - like c.100g on a -4C limit bag. But if you then need a liner, sheet or blanket then the combo is heavier, potentially quite a lot heavier. So In the end I spent a reasonable amount on a really warm winter bag and then got cheapo Chinese envelope-shaped bag for summer which can be used as a quilt when opened out and I can add a liner or blanket if need be. That way when it really matters (winter) I'm 100% sure I'm gonna be warm but I save a bit of weight in the summer and get a bit more flexibility.

I had a night a few years back where I used an old bag which wasn't up to the very cold night and was dangerously cold and I vowed never to let that happen again.


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Re: Do you buy gear that 'links together' or buy separatedly?
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I think you need to read through various threads where GWM explained his need for a fitted sheet. 
Nowt to do with thermal value.
To do with comfort on that particular sleep mat.I use a silk bag liner. Then like the liners you stated you carry it can be used in various ways as a sheet or as extra warmth should I ever be stupid enough to camp in temps below zero again. I found your favoured snugpack bag to be as useful as a chocolate fireguard and ditched it in Northern Spain when I then converted to this system. I also have an Alpkit 700  which I only take when the forecast is uncertain although I am getting less adventurous and tend to avoid cold camping. Can't be bothered walking many miles following a cold sleepless night. After all the only reason I camp is because I want to walk. I tend not to be a wannabe SAS survival specialist.

I don't understand this.  You have made several replies saying that the quilt system is brilliant, never ever gives you a cold spot, is lighter and easier and more comfortable.  But when it might possibly get cold you take a sleeping bag  ;D


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Re: Do you buy gear that 'links together' or buy separatedly?
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No its clear you don't understand. I like to carry as little as possible and so plan my walks according to not only where I'm going but also what the weather will throw at me. I am basically a fair weather walker.So I use the quilt for all walks except those that I plan to do in dire weather like the Cheviot ridge in December. (Don't get confused , I sometimes like to walk in particular places at particular times)  In which case not only do I then pack a sleeping bag but also cooking gear. I rarely do this for more than two days . It seems from your earlier postings you also make a choice on the gear you take according to what you think is needed.  I have had to use the quilt on some unplanned very cold nights and reiterate I have not found it to be bad, in fact a huge amount better than your choice snugpack which I had two years experience  of.
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