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Re: 48 run walk
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Canal  network towpaths.
I should have said The Macclesfield canal  (26 miles from Marple) finishes at,
Where the Trent and Mersey Canal converges :
Follow the towpath South to pickup the Birmingham Main canal to the city center.
Might be advisable to carry a map & compass to Insure taking the correct route .
Good luck  :) ;) O0


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Re: 48 run walk
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Thanks zigzag


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Re: 48 run walk
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They also had a race called convergence... you had 24 hours to get back to a certain point. So you had to pick a spot, a good estimate of how far you could travel in that time. Some people overestimated and didn't make it back. Others under estimated and got to base far too early..
Yes the point to reach was the Meridian too. Mark also does the escape ultra for pairs who are chained agained together. All his events are hard and timings between CP's mean that you have to run a lot, you won't make his cut offs by pure walking.