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Specialist Walking Boot fitting
« on: 13:28:20, 27/11/18 »
I'm going to take my daughter to get some new walking boots soon. After my recent experience of a specialist boot fitter near my work (nowhere near my home) I'm keen to do similar for her. The trouble is I'm having difficulty finding anywhere nearby. I live near Measham - the closest I can find is Blacks in Tamworth - but I'm not convinced they are specialist fitters.
Does anyone have experience of boot fitting by Blacks or can anyone suggest anywhere thats good without a lot of travel?


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Re: Specialist Walking Boot fitting
« Reply #1 on: 15:35:59, 27/11/18 »
Specialist boot fitters are pretty thin on the ground which is why it's necessary to travel a reasonable distance to visit one should you need to make use their skills and expertise.

Personally I wouldn't consider any of the big outlets like Go Outdoors, Millets, Blacks, Ultimate Outdoors etc. to be "specialist boot fitters" in any shape or form.

They're good for having a look at what's available but it really is a lottery as to whether you get someone with any specialist knowledge serving you although I'm sure there will be the odd exception. As they're all owned by the same company the range of boots on offer is pretty much the same in all of them. The majority of the big outlets have no facilities for making even minor adjustments to the fit of a boot and at best will probably attempt to sell you after market insoles and some new socks which you neither want or need.

Of the big outlet type stores perhaps the best in terms of boot fitting is Cotswold Outdoors who seem to have a fairly decent reputation.

As recommended previously Lockwoods really isn't too far away and might be worth another visit