Author Topic: Young Climbers - Scafell Pike  (Read 598 times)


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Young Climbers - Scafell Pike
« on: 17:23:03, 27/11/18 »
Hi All

I am interested in speaking to anyone who has climbed Scarfell Pike with someone aged between about 6 and 12. Even if it was few years ago or more recently.

I am doing some research into young climbers and would love to hear some personal experiences if possible 

Please feel free to get in touch

Many thanks


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Re: Young Climbers - Scafell Pike
« Reply #1 on: 21:33:55, 30/11/18 »
Both of our children were taken with us on hill walks from a very young age and both had climbed Scafell Pike under their own steam well before they were six (though I was happy to carry them on the descent if they asked). They enjoyed walking with us throughout the 6 - 12 years old range but lost interest during their teenage years only to rediscover walking later. The main thing we had to consider when walking with them was route selection but not in the way you might think. Long easy trods would bore them fairly quickly whereas routes with easy scrambling would keep them interested.


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Re: Young Climbers - Scafell Pike
« Reply #2 on: 21:59:23, 30/11/18 »
I think my son was 11 when he walked Wasdale, Lingmell, Scafell Pike, Lords Rake, Scafell, Slight Side, Eskdale but it was a walk with some scrambling we are definitely not climbers.
Can I ask why you want to know?
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Re: Young Climbers - Scafell Pike
« Reply #3 on: 23:10:15, 30/11/18 »
I'm not sure if you are wanting to know about ascents of hills, as people often refer to climbing a hill/mountain when they have walked to the summit. Or whether (not trying to get all technical here) you mean climbers in the true sense of using rope techniques to ascend near vertical rock faces ?
The responses you get will depend upon the question you ask and I presume you don't want to spend half your time dealing with irrelevant material.

I'm not pedantic by profession/nature - just interested to know what you are hoping to get from such a wide ranging question.
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