Author Topic: Which Gloves work best for you?  (Read 374 times)


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Which Gloves work best for you?
« on: 22:54:42, 27/11/18 »
So what gloves do you use?

  I have several pairs of gloves for different tasks.  I have a few pairs of leather driving gloves.  Some fingerless gloves for climbing. A golf glove that I never wear.   Don't play golf these days). Some thin cotton  rubberised gloves for working on my car.  And then there are walking gloves.  But as you may all ready know I use cheap PVC Gardening gloves, over a pair of thin wool ones, as I have yet to find any more waterproof warm and flexible that those for winter walking.  I also carry a pair of thermal gloves in my emergency pack in winter, just incase.


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Re: Which Gloves work best for you?
« Reply #1 on: 23:15:37, 27/11/18 »
I was recommended the Mountain Equipment Guide glove as a decent affordable winter glove. No complaints so far, although if you have sweaty fingers you want to be careful that you don't turn the liner inside out when you take them off.

I bought them in September - good timing for end of season sales as the new winter stock was coming in.

Summer or winter I also always carry some thin running gloves that I bought from Decathlon. They're lovely for just taking the chill off your hands, and because they're thin they're not too noticeable (I'm not really a fan of gloves).

I plan to get some mittens sometime too.


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Re: Which Gloves work best for you?
« Reply #2 on: 14:00:57, 28/11/18 »
A pair of lightweight no waterproof Montane mittens and a cheap thin pair of Thinsulate gloves, plus two old gotetex sleeves cut just below the elbow area. As long as they are longer than my middle finger and I don't walk with my arms fully extended in the rain they work fantasically for all weathers that I will face.