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Hi, staying at the Glencoe Mountain Centre tonight walking the West Highland Way. Really keen to look at alternative ways of walking, especially going light, walking in sandals, trail shoes, safety etc. Bit of a heathen and prefer sat nav to paper maps.

alan de enfield

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Re: Hello
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Really keen to look at alternative ways of walking, ……….

There aren't that many ways, 2 feet is used by the majority, but it has been known to do it with just 'the one', or even on their hands.

The Guiness book of records suggest that the record is :

Sarah Chapman (UK) walked a distance of 5,000 m (16,404 ft) on her hands in an 8-hour period at Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, on 3 June 2002.


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Re: Hello
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Welcome to the forum from windswept Orkney.

You'll have to be a bit more specific about your 'alternative ways of walking' - John Cleese springs to mind  :D


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Re: Hello
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Really keen to look at alternative ways of walking.
I once had to descend sitting down and propelling myself forwards, having jarred my knee on the descent from Aonach Eagach near the top of the Clachaig Gully. We had to continue round towards the Pap of Glencoe before we could start down.  I don’t actually recommend this as an alternative method of walking, as it was painfully slow, with the emphasis on painful.