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Re: New Boots
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I'm grateful for your views, my desire to buy the Renegades had actually started to wane since I last wrote in, the weakness of the boot that you have mentioned has been identified in a few reviews on line as well. As it stands, I now feel what I have to decide is, is my priority to buy a pair of waterproof boots, or decide that walking comfort is more important? It doesn't look like I can get both equally but I'll still look anyway.

At my age I cannot guarantee that I will be able to keep hiking as much I have done in previous years, so I have no real desire to buy 'expensive'. I'm still going to look at boots about 100 or so, a bit more if they appear to be 'good enough!'

I'm now going to leave the matter alone until after the new year and then decide.

The same with tents, I was keen to buy a Naturehike one man tent, but after looking at the Wild Country Hive, which seems a reasonable price, (I already have experience with their Zephyros One tent) I may now go for this model?

Decision making January or February 2019.