Author Topic: 824 Miles in 2018  (Read 484 times)

Lee in Doncaster

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824 Miles in 2018
« on: 09:13:51, 01/01/19 »
I didn't reach a thousand miles...or maybe I did:

I'll try again this year.

Happy new Year everyone.
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Re: 824 Miles in 2018
« Reply #1 on: 09:16:31, 01/01/19 »

Happy New Year, Lee, and better luck in 2019.
Why not add your name to the 2019 version of this thread when it appears?


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Re: 824 Miles in 2018
« Reply #2 on: 10:30:10, 02/01/19 »
Well done Lee :)   I did just over 1,000 miles this year, which I'm very happy with. Considering I had 2 operations in quick succession back in January, where recovery time lasted well into February, I think I did quite well.

I haven't done that many walks at weekends this year, so the majority of my miles were clocked up during the week.
It's the best time to walk anyway, in my opinion O0
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Re: 824 Miles in 2018
« Reply #3 on: 23:11:49, 06/01/19 »
Well done. I just checked how many miles I did and I'm shocked I did 1944 miles  O0  . I do walk daily though as I have a husky that needs good walks. I walk 365 days a year rain or shine or the hairy houdini would go nuts.  Luckily the winter this year is mild. Last winter I was up to my knees in either bogs or snow. Hate the moor bogs as they stink. It's amazing how many miles you clock up.