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Re: New boots in Sales this year
« Reply #15 on: 09:48:29, 04/01/19 »
The so called "sales" have been a major disappointment this year with very little if anything on special offer which aren't available all year round. Any special offers tend to be either models they can't sell or need to get rid of to make way for new models or in sizes that the vast majority of people just don't want.

Living where you do I would recommend you visit Taunton Leisure (who are an Altberg stockist) and at least get properly measured to use as a starting point. I would recommend that you have a look at and try on the Altberg Malham, Altberg Fremington, Altberg Tethera and Altberg Nordkapp any of which will suit your needs.

In my opinion in the current market your 100 budget is very low and severely restricts the quality of the boots available to you. Under 100 and the materials used in the construction and the build quality become questionable at best as does the time they will last before they will need replacing.

If you are a size 4 or 4 these Altberg Malham boots which have a normal RRP of 184.99 are probably the best bargain available at the moment @ 85

I would suggest you review and revise your budget so you are not so limited in your choice (save up if necessary) but without knowing what size you are looking for it's impossble to help further. Once you've been properly measured and know the size and width fitting you need second hand boots from eBay or Gumtree become another possibility worth considering and there are definitely occasional hardly used bargains to be had. The Altberg Defender (army boot) from eBay is another option which may be worth considering.


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Re: New boots in Sales this year
« Reply #16 on: 10:17:25, 04/01/19 »
My experience is very different.  I usually walk all the year round in boots (Tetheras) with one pair of socks and don't have a hot foot problem.  I find the the support boots provide enable me to go further and faster than I can in trainers.  In fact, I tried my favourite trainers again for my first New Year walk this year as I was confined to lanes.  I found I was much slower and less comfortable round the ankles and, although my trainers are well fitting, the lack of a decent toe box allowed one toe to draw blood on its neighbour.  The day after I did twice the distance on hillier lanes in boots with no problem at a steady rhythmic 5kph.
There is no one size fits all solution.

To be clear, I would not advocate walking any distance in trainers.  They are not designed for that.  But there are excellent walking shoes which are designed for long distances which look, to the untrained eye, like trainers.

I'd agree that everyone is different so I would take any specific boot suggestions with a pinch of salt.  Go and get a proper fitting, try on lots of different footwear types, talk to a knowledgeable shop assistant.  Then consider buying something.


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Re: New boots in Sales this year
« Reply #17 on: 10:34:45, 04/01/19 »
There is a way that I have used to make trainers into a more robust hiking shoe. I always buy cheap, I have a 30 pair of Nike off road shoes and have had them for nearly three years. I inserted a solid plastic type insert (not the foam Sorbothane type) into them which stiffened them up and since then they have performed like an expensive pair. I used them across rocky terrain for a week when my actual walking boots failed en route and I just had to throw them away. The only disadvantage that I can see is that as a trainer my toes are not protected by a rubber bumper as on 'normal' hiking shoes. As I am still nimble of foot I have never yet kicked my toes onto a rock when wearing them.

alan de enfield

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Re: New boots in Sales this year
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........and at least get properly measured to use as a starting point.....

I completely agree about getting a proper fitting /measuring, but I would just highlight that because you are (say) a 10M in one brand doesn't mean you are a 10M in another brand.

You do need to try on each boot brand / size as they all manufacture to very different physical sizes (particularly width and toe-box size)

If you happen to have 'wide' feet then you cannot get better than Meindl (but you are looking at probably 2x your budget.

I bought an excellent (comfortable) pair of Boots from Aldi (I can already hear the howls of horror) not leather and not very water RESISTANT, they were perfect for walking the 'lanes & farm tracks' around me, for 8-10-12 miles 'day walks' but I'm not sure I'd have wanted to take them out onto 'the hill'.
They only lasted about 300 miles before the soles were worn out and developed a squeaking-crack, but at a price of 19 they could be considered as disposable.
I then purchased another pair (different style) from Aldi but these were agony after just a couple of miles - they now just sit on the boot-shelf looking miserable.

I replaced them with Meindl Merans at 10x the price and yes - they are probably more comfortable and better made and will last longer than 300 miles but at 10x the price is it justified  ???

You pretty much do get what you pay for, but the important thing is to try them on and then walk around the house with them on for 10-12 hours per day for a few days, if they don't hurt then they'll be OK - If they hurt then take them back. No guarantee how long they'll last, but if you have a limited budget you can only do what you can do.

Once you have taken them outside you cannot return them


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Re: New boots in Sales this year
« Reply #19 on: 12:58:47, 04/01/19 »
FWIW my Altberg Tetheras lasted over 2000 miles before they had to be resoled.  The cost of resoling was substantially less than new boots and now they are probably good for another 2000.  Looking at it that way, cheap boots are a false economy especially taking into account the risk of buying a pair that prove to be ill fitting after you have done 50 miles in them.
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