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Karen Penny Charity Walk
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Apologies if this is already well-known but I could not find any threads about it.

My husband's parents both died from dementia-related illnesses and it had a massive effect on me. Alzheimer's is something that touches nearly every family. It is a horrible illness and many families simply have not got the resources to care of someone who develops it.

 This is why I am embarking on a 20,000-mile walk that will take four years so that I can raise money for dementia research.

   I am aiming to walk around the entire coast of Britain and Ireland. I plan to walk about 15 miles a day, walking seven days at a time and then take a rest day.

I am planning to walk around at least 20 islands and will use Ordnance Survey and Google Maps to plan the route. I'm hoping people may put me up in their gardens and I have contacted local walking groups to get local knowledge of each area I am walking.

My journey will begin on 14 January and I will follow the Wales Coast Path to Fishguard before crossing to Rosslare and spend six to eight months walking around Ireland and Northern Ireland. I will then return to Wales and make my way to Scotland.

The aim is to raise 100,000 for Alzheimer's Research UK. Donations can be made to my JustGiving page

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Re: Karen Penny Charity Walk
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A very worthy cause, Alan.