Author Topic: Wild camping in south east England  (Read 399 times)


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Wild camping in south east England
« on: 14:15:35, 05/01/19 »
I've just found this channel which may interest anyone who lives in south east England, and cannot get to the northern hills as often as they would like
He does wild camping in Kent, Essex, Suffolk, and others
Search YouTube for 'Tom Outdoors'


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Re: Wild camping in south east England
« Reply #1 on: 10:43:03, 06/01/19 »
I've done more wild camping in the South than the North. The reason being is, I'm just not prepared to pay 15-20 plus for a 6' X 4' bit of grass! The south seems to have more of this high priced sites I think? 10 a night is my maximum! I'm totally self sufficient anyway, I even have a shower head with me, plus a toilet so in reality I don't even need a site. I use them mainly for meeting people, or because they have a bar and/or a restaurant, like for example a really good one on the West Highland Way. I always hike alone and sometimes the need for human company is important to me.