Author Topic: Camborne/Redruth walking groups?  (Read 1398 times)

Milly Sowden

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Camborne/Redruth walking groups?
« on: 13:59:30, 15/01/19 »
Anyone in these parts know of any local walking groups or would you like a walking 'buddy'? Im walking up to 3-4 miles a day around Camborne/Redruth. I can only manage 1.5-3  an hour. I find it far too lonely walking alone. :(


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Re: Camborne/Redruth walking groups?
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Have you looked up a local Ramblers group. Most groups have walks of varying distance and speeds.
It's all uphill from here.


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Re: Camborne/Redruth walking groups?
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Here you go. Try these dreckly - bound to be something where you're to.


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Re: Camborne/Redruth walking groups?
« Reply #3 on: 23:33:29, 17/01/19 »
The Ramblers are pretty active and well organised in Cornwall Milly.  When I came back to walking a few years ago I too needed a bit of company, to spur me on occasionally.  As I recall I first used the ramblers web site to get ideas for walks.  All the walks are graded so you can pick walks that fit your location and ability.

 Then, once I had an idea of what I could manage, I simply joined a few group walks on spec.  They were all freindly and encouraging from the off.  After a few walks I decided I enjoyed it and joined officially.  I also tried 3 or 4 different local groups, before settling into the moorland group, where In have now been a member for 3 years.

Typical groups have around 50_100 members and on a wet windy winter walks maybe only four or five will brave it.  But on a sunny still summers day we had 36 turn up.  So lots of new freinds to chat with.  Me I prefer four or five. ;)
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Re: Camborne/Redruth walking groups?
« Reply #4 on: 09:20:11, 02/06/19 »
Hi Milly are you still looking for a walking buddy. I am retired and live in Camborne and interested in walking. Del77