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Re: Winter camping
« Reply #15 on: 17:34:56, 24/01/19 »
Thanks, some very good tips there. My pegs are basic 7" aluminium ones but I do carry one steel peg with me in case I need to start a hole on hard ground first. I've found this to be a problem in the summer sometimes.

A few days ago I saw on the net some 'T' shaped pegs that are designed to screw into the ground, maybe this could solve this problem? When I see them in a shop I might buy some?

I have also bought a £6 camping blanket from Decathlon to throw over my down sleeping quilt but havn't tested it yet. It works great over my duvet at home, two nights ago in particular.

I use my Zepypos One tent when its colder, always seems to work well enough.

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Re: Winter camping
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  First all let me say, different folk feel the cold differently. So what might be comfortable for one may not be for another. With that in mind, if I were you Iíd start close to home or your car and have a trial run before committing to the hills.
 Personally, I use a mountain tent (without valences). The aluminium poles along are good enough to keep the tent up in all but the strongest winds, only then do I need a guy line or two.  What is important, is to keep the wind outside.  Use anything you have to block or cover the gap between the fly and the ground, at least on the windward side (wind can shift direction in the night), Iíve even used snow to do this before now.  I canít overstate this point, itís worth the time taken to get it right.  The next thing to pay attention to is the ground, you must be well insulated from it.  Weather its two roll mats an air-bed, air-bed plus roll mat or just cardboard and newspapers this is the second biggest factor in staying warm.  Then thereís the sleeping bag, tricky this one, because as I said at the beginning, everybodyís different.  But if youíve got those first two things right the sleeping bag will be easier to control.  It must allow you to Ďbreatheí and not sweat, if you do sweat it has the potential to make you colder.  A little trial and error should get this balance right, I find sleeping in the buff preferable to wearing clothes, yes Iím actually warmer that way, remember if your feet are cold wear a hat.  Donít miss your evening meal.  Never go to bed wet.  That should be enough to start you off topher, best of luck  ;)   



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Re: Winter camping
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Thanks, some great info on this thread.

I'm going to have a look for some longer,thicker pegs this weekend.

Also, great idea about building a little wall of snow to cover the gap between the flysheet and the ground.