Author Topic: This problem was new to me!  (Read 591 times)


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This problem was new to me!
« on: 12:39:36, 24/01/19 »
I've been long distance hiking now for a few years. In the early years I went through my blister period and then overcame the problem but in  the latter part of 2018 I experenced what was for me, a new problem. I lost three toenails! It didn't happen suddenly, it just crept up on me from August to December. My rucksack weight hadn't changed but I did buy new socks and a new pair of boots which I felt were comfortable for most of the time I was hiking. I had two days of wet feet when they were not comfortable and it was then that I noticed that one toenail had started to go black. Gradually two others went black but it was some weeks later. Then over the Christmas and New Year period they came off. All is OK now, the new nails have grown back.


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Re: This problem was new to me!
« Reply #1 on: 12:43:48, 24/01/19 »
Iíve never got a blister while hiking. Got plenty wearing in new work shoes.

Iíve also never lost a toenail from hiking, Iíve turned a few black but theyíve never dropped off. I used to lose them all the time when I played 11-a-side football.


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Re: This problem was new to me!
« Reply #2 on: 15:34:12, 24/01/19 »
I lost a toenail a few days after doing my first 10,000 footer.  I neglected to relace my boots before commencing a somewhat prolonged descent.
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Re: This problem was new to me!
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I lost a toenail in Fisherfield about 10 years ago. When it grew back it was made of Rhino horn and still hurts occasionally.