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Hello troops
« on: 20:43:57, 27/01/19 »
Hello from south Ayrshire peeps! New member here and looking forward to your expertise! My 12 year old son has recently shown an interest in wild camping, and I too really enjoy walking and camping. Iím trying to put together some kit for over nighters but the choice is mind boggling, so far I have a 45 litre berhaus backpack, a snugpak big softie 12 and a banshee 300 pro tent. I hope I am going in the right direction with the gear. Any suggestions on sleeping mats  stoves or any other equipment would be appreciated. I will be camping from April to Septemberish . Thanks guys


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Re: Hello troops
« Reply #1 on: 21:40:19, 27/01/19 »
Welcome from Aberdeenshire. Iím afraid I canít give you any advice on wild camping equipment.


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Re: Hello troops
« Reply #2 on: 09:05:24, 28/01/19 »
Welcome from south Manchester.

The Banshee 300 is a 3-person tent with a weight (2.8kg all-up) to match. How many people are going on these trips?.
The Snugpack Big Softie 12 is a 2kg 4-season synthetic bag, I imagine it would more-than-half fill that 45l pack by itself - are you thinking of winter camps or are you thinking ahead to summer?.
Berghaus are not exactly renowned for weight-efficient packs.

Still, these are relatively low cost options, they make sense if you're not sure whether wild pitches will become a regular thing.


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Re: Hello troops
« Reply #3 on: 17:18:38, 28/01/19 »

Welcome from Orkney, BothyArt

I suspect that you are going to need a bigger rucksack, as you will probably be carrying the bulk of the equipment. Maybe your son could carry the 45 litre you already have, lightly loaded. 3 season sleeping bags should be sufficient. As for camping mats, a lightweight inflatable type should do the job during the summer (choose one less than 500g).