Author Topic: Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?  (Read 507 times)


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Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?
« on: 21:45:03, 28/01/19 »
I was just wandering if anyone rates the trekking umbrellas or walking stick brollies


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Re: Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?
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Nicholas Crane hiked along the mountains from Cape Finnisterre to Istanbul.  He found an umbrella invaluable as an overnight shelter and dog scarer apart from the obvious use.
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Re: Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?
« Reply #2 on: 01:45:27, 29/01/19 »
Can't shake the image of me doing a Mary Poppins down Snaizeholme Beck.


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Re: Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?
« Reply #3 on: 06:49:21, 29/01/19 »
I carried an umbrella when I walked the Thames Path and found it excellent. It was an ordinary black gents umbrella not a special piece of kit. I'm not clear what the benefit of buying one labelled a walking brolly would be, especially if there is a price premium. I didn't take a waterproof jacket and kept dry all the way. Having said that it was summer and not too windy at any point. The wind encountered in hill walking might make them more difficult to handle and up here in Shetland they would be a bit a real trial I think.

I know they've become more popular among walkers in the US but I believe that's got a lot to do with protection from the sun.


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Re: Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?
« Reply #4 on: 11:13:50, 29/01/19 »
I routinely carry a lightweight brolly that I attach to my rucksack strap to leave my hands free. It also makes a fine windbreak for cooking particularly if you use a dome tent. I like them for drizzle.

That said, they only work well in sheltered conditions. I've been working on a lightweight wind- tolerant brolly for some time - I routinely break a new version each year! The commercial windproof/hiking are all either far too heavy or expensive usually both. Everyone needs a hobby! ::)

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Re: Anyone carry an umbrella on hikes?
« Reply #5 on: 12:22:04, 29/01/19 »
I've own couple for years. At first they were impossible to find in the UK, A friend got me two from the states. Weight about 190g.Can be handheld or attached to the rucksack.
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