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Re: 1 man tent
« Reply #15 on: 10:34:50, 20/04/07 »
Thanks for that Snowman.  :-[ I might go back and see if there this weekend, but don't want to appear desperate - dashing from stall to stall - "Where's the tent! Where's the tent!"  ;D


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Re: 1 man tent
« Reply #16 on: 23:13:35, 09/05/07 »
I have the tera nova solo and found it an excelent tent for both summer and winterish condtions being only a single pole it can be a bit unstable in high winds with it almost flatening unless you get the tension right. i also have a hilberge haleg (or something like that) which was brought nearly 15 years ago and is stil as good as new. in short i dont think you wil be disapointed with either one.
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Re: 1 man tent
« Reply #17 on: 09:20:01, 10/05/07 »
titanium dude - sorry i missed your earlier post for so long. not sure how the bag would cope on its own, its pretty lightweight material. in a bothy you'd deff need ground insulation. on a hot summers night you'd have no problem heat wise (although i don't think i'd get in mine without a long tshirt and trousers on!). i use mine directly on the ground with an inflatable sleeping mat inside the bag and my sleeping bag on top of the mat. this one seems to be gortex all over.

i'd be tempted to try staying in it with just a silk liner for the warmth / comfort factor?
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Re: 1 man tent
« Reply #18 on: 12:06:29, 10/05/07 »
Cheers for that SB.  Yep the bag doesn't look like it would take a kicking from the elements and I am looking to use it on it's own.  I thuoght that using a bag inside would be great for use in bothies or shelters, but someone has pointed out another possible problem which I am trying to work around.  This is in another thread. 

Maybe I just need to try it on it's own and if I get wet well what the hey.  Only planning to do this during summer.
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