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Re: Hi, backpack question
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Because they're made to order, and it's a one man operation.

I totally understand that, I was just wishing is was a bit short lead time!

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Re: Hi, backpack question
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Pod rucksacks... from Sheffield


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Re: Hi, backpack question
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I have long recognised that in a global capitalist the chances of finding a British product, made, designed, the items used for construction, the finance to get the product to market and so on can I believe, (unless I'm wrong of course) come from anywhere in the world. In this day and age, how many products from the beginning of the process to the end user sale can be claimed to belong to one country and one country only?


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Re: Hi, backpack question
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Just joined. Hoping I could ask the forum about backpacks. What with the B word happening, Im looking to find a multi day lightweight backpack and Id like to buy from a British company. Other than alpkit, are there any others?

Thanks in advance.
How about Vango? Theyre a Scottish company, owned by AMG Group (and their web site implies they are also Scottish?) Not too sure where their stuff is made though ...