Author Topic: Advice on tour du mont blanc?  (Read 883 times)


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Re: Advice on tour du mont blanc?
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Another couple of tips. On your second day, (unless you are very slow) and if walking anticlockwise from Les Houche, you will walk downhill to a lage grassy area with a restaurant. To hike on you will have to veer left and walk along a narrow road for a few miles then into Italy. The last time I was at this spot it was totally free camping. I also got 'stung' as well! I met a fellow hiker about 5km before getting to this place and we both set up camp near to each other. Then we both went to the restaurant for a meal and because it was a warm balmy evening we both sat outside. I had a 3 course, he just had a burger and frites. Unbeknown to me, everytime he went to the toilet inside the restaurant, he ordered another large beer and told the waiter to put it on my tab! Just before I asked for my bill he made an excuse that he needed to get back to his tent to do something. He managed to get three down his neck before I realised what was going on. When I got back to my tent he had already packed all his gear and had moved on. I never saw him again.

If you do walk the route anti clockwise, a couple of km's after passing Chamonix on your way back to Les Houche you will find another Refuge. To the rear of it there are a number of half circle stone 'walls,' great for pitching your tent and free! That's what I did, then had my meal and beer in the Refuge. Also, a fantastic view from the Refuge veranda.

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Re: Advice on tour du mont blanc?
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I hate that people do this kind of thing to each other. I suppose no matter where you go there will be jerks about.
But one of the things I love about the hiking community is that decent people seem to far outnumber people like this.

I'm going to have to start drafting up a rough itinerary and putting all these recommendations in as notes. I don't think I'll be able to fit them all in. But I'll have them there to refer to as I go.

It seems like so far away but I just know it'll roll around in no time. Need to start getting in more practice hikes.
I'm wondering about wandering and wonder where I might wander if I wander while I wonder.