Author Topic: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!  (Read 443 times)


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Hi,I am new to walking on my own but desperately want to break out and be able to do this!
For my birthday w/e coming march 9/10/11 I am going to do a stretch of the pennine bridlewayPB (settle - garsdale stations). I am a regular runner & cyclist so I'm hoping my fitness is fine but I am getting lost in the depths of KIT. I have paper map, electronic map on tablet + gps on my phone, compass, PB guide for cyclists. But all the other stuff I would like to hear your comments:
Sleeping bag (bunkhouse 1 night, b&b treat on birthday:) ) is a good quality for warmth but 2kg - is the money for a lightweight worth 1kg?I'll have a spare set of clothes because although I'm fairly happy my coat & w/p trousers are waterproof the forecast looks wet & cold.
Could I save the weight of the sleeping bag and sleep in all my clothes? is this stupid/naive ?
My rucksack is a mate of mine - a trusty army edition canvas , kept everything dry during a week in ireland and I can use plastic for extra insurance. I'm guessing its heavy in comparison to modern hiking equip.
Boots are waterproof.
What have I forgotten?Any advise or suggestions of essential kit or basic requirements VERY gratefully received- I can go shopping on thursday! I am already hoping to do the dales 3 peaks on a guided walk soon so stuff will get used.


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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
« Reply #1 on: 21:02:28, 05/03/19 »
Welcome on to the board.

A few things you didn't mention.

Gators are great in wet UK spring time.  A good 24hour flask, for those essential hot cuppas. Hat and gloves for regulating your temperature without having to stopband adjust layers.


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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
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Cost/weight is up to you but you need a sleeping bag.
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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
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You need a bag, doesn't need to break the bank, the Snugpak bags are quite cheap and decent for this time of year with moderate temperatures.

Other than that, don't wear cotton for base layers as you'll get too cold, bring a spare fleece in your rucksack and remember you could get 3 days of consecutive rain.

Gaiters, gloves, warm hat, fleece in your bag, and a sleeping bag for night time is in order.  Bring a head torch (again doesn't need to be expensive) so when you're at the bunkhouses, or delayed when walking - you have a solution to this.


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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
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With the additions mentioned above, I think that you have got it covered, loner.

Good luck with the walk - why not let us know how you get on when you have finished, and post some photos?  :)

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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
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Nothing to add to the kit list (except maybe a First Aid kit), but wondered if you are going to follow the exact PBW route? You wrote that you have a cyclists guide and i'm guessing that will take you along all the tarmac road sections, but if you want to walk along some of the pleasant green Dales paths there is one diversion which may be of interest -

As you climb up the road from Stainforth Force to Little Stainforth, the official route takes you to the right and follows the road towards Helwith Bridge and then along the road towards Austwick. You can miss out that section of tarmac by still turning right at Little Stainforth and after 300/400 yards taking the path to the left (marked on OS at Hargreaves Barn). Follow this path until you meet the PBW again, at the corner of Wharfe and Oxenber Wood, as it comes up from Higher Bark House. You could take in the top of Smearsett Scar (and Pot Scar) too if you fancy going off path.

Don't forget to schedule a stop at Elaine's in Feizor for a cuppa and cake  :)

In general, and imho, the route is pleasant, easy to follow and not too demanding (can be exposed on Cam Fell though).

Oh, just remembered, do you intend taking in the Settle Loop at the start of the walk? If so you will be walking (almost) past my front door  8)

Hope the weather isn't too wet and cold and that you enjoy the Dales excursion.


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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
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The only thing that I'd add is that, as a cyclist, you may have clothing that you wear on the bike that could double as walking gear. Things like baselayers, gloves (full finger ones) and cycling tops generally have the same kind of spec as good walking kit. Waterproof tops tend to be hoodless so might not do. Not sure that lycra shorts are de rigueur on the Pennine Way either. I'm sure you'll love it.


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Re: new loner walker looking for reassurance/advise!
« Reply #7 on: 11:47:07, 07/03/19 »
I walked the PBW N-S last May the route is well signposted and waymarked - difficult to get lost!

The Ribble Way covers a very similar route on the section you're travelling so you may find a guide to it of interest.

In my experience the route is very quiet - the only place you're likely to meet people is approaching, and on, the Camm Road where it coincides with the PW.