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Nikki is New
« on: 15:56:40, 14/03/19 »
Hi Walking Forum,

I'm just starting out with this walking lark.  It's always been my favourite fitness kick by far.  Really this renewed enthusiasm has been instigated by the need to raise some money for a very personal family cause next year.  At the age of 48 I had my head shaved for it and raised 4.5k!! Two years on and a friend (also Nikki, & also in her 50's) and I have decided to walk Hadrian's Wall next May (I'll put a thread in the charity page all about it nearer the time). 
At the moment we are just enjoying doing 2-3 walks a week, anything from 3-8 miles usually and intend to stick to that for the rest of this year - although we already feel we could do more.  In 2020 we will start to stretch the distance out and do back-to-back walks.  I'm looking through the forum for links to blogs of Hadrian's Wall walks and also pick up any tips on long/med term training plans for such a walk.  We have a motor home which our hubbies will be driving for 30 mins each day and we'll meet up at the end of each walking day. 

Looking forward to reading about the walks undertaken by others and picking up helpful info - it's a bit of a learning curve!



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Re: Nikki is New
« Reply #1 on: 20:08:22, 14/03/19 »
Welcome Nikki from Aberdeenshire


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Re: Nikki is New
« Reply #2 on: 21:02:08, 14/03/19 »
welcome from Portsmouth. I'll be walking from Carlisle to nearly Housestead Fort in April, then heading north on Pennine way.


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Re: Nikki is New
« Reply #3 on: 20:55:54, 16/03/19 »
Hi Nikki, Welcome from Orkney.