Author Topic: Hi everyone, can you help?  (Read 534 times)


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Hi everyone, can you help?
« on: 16:57:54, 17/03/19 »
I'm Jym, nice to meet you.
I'm looking for some friendly advice and knowledge to help with an upcoming event I will be undertaking in June.
I'm making a documentary around mental health and what effect the outdoors and a period of solitude has on us.
I'm no film maker or journalist but I have a mental health condition called Bipolar disorder and after some period of being more stable feel compelled to explore the many different ways of recovery and well being.
I have set myself the challenge of wild camping in the Scottish highlands for a week in complete solitude. I do have a go fund me page which gives you more detail of my proposal its called My long walk home.
So my plan is to work out a route where I will be able to walk each day for 15 KM (example) Pitch my tent, eat some beans, get attacked by the insects and repeat.
It is more about the solitude, that's the important thing, It's not meant to be about physical toughness, although I appreciate its no cake walk.
I've subscribed to the OS maps to try and get an idea of a route, and reading some post's and journals on here has steered me towards the Cairngorms but I wondered what you guys might suggest? sorry for the long post, I appreciate any advice you can give. Jym
I am a novice and don't even have a kit list yet! so I'm at your mercy. I am continually researching best practices and of course the code whenever coming into contact with nature so I am at least not completely ignorant. You get free WiFi right? [/size] :)



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Re: Hi everyone, can you help?
« Reply #1 on: 19:46:41, 17/03/19 »
If you can, or would prefer to unsubscribe from OS, I suggest you look at Bing Maps on your computer, the whole country OS maps are displayed completely free. In my case I use an app called Backcountry (I have an Android phone) and it displays OS maps, I've used it for a few years now and it always works well.

I have only walked the West Highland Way so my knowledge of Scotland is sparse. You could Google 'Scottish National Trail' and have a look at that site, well laid out, with OS maps as well.

As regards a 'kit list', a biggy that one. I'd concentrate on getting your walking boots sorted first before thinking about anything else.


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Re: Hi everyone, can you help?
« Reply #2 on: 20:43:23, 17/03/19 »
Hi Jim and welcome.  :)
I'd echo what Gunwharfman says about kit, it's a biggie. I'd advise investing the most in your "shell" i.e Jacket and boots, then overtrousers. The rest of it you probably already have in your wardrobe to start with. Although I'd also recommend some 'wicking' T-shirts. Much of your gear can be had cheaply at Aldi from time to time.

Similarly, aside from the Pentlands, I have no experience of Scotland but I hear that the midges can be genuinely  fearsome in summer.

Good luck with your challenge.  O0 O0