Author Topic: First Aid Kit (not again!)  (Read 1515 times)


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First Aid Kit (not again!)
« on: 12:20:34, 26/03/19 »
Yes, I've seen previous posts on this topic, (I particularly liked the suggestion of taking a chiffon scarf!), but wonder if anyone's really had to fall back on their kit and whether they've made changes to it in the light of painful experience?
Of course, it's each to their own - you're bound to personalise it in minor ways. For example, I have overlapping toes (probably as a result of wearing winkle-pickers back in the day), so take foam tubing to stop hard skin/blisters developing in that area. I now take more Ibuprofen than I used to, not for pain relief but to reduce inflammation around my Achilles tendon. I sweat freely, so I take isotonic tablets too, plus a few ProPlus pills in case there are no cafés around.What's your basic first aid kit, and how do you customise it?
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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #1 on: 13:50:01, 26/03/19 »
Just the trusty old service revolver, it's amazing how quickly folk recover and keen to get up and run for the horizon when you wave it around!  :o


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #2 on: 14:11:56, 26/03/19 »
Where there's a will ...


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #3 on: 14:14:15, 26/03/19 »

I've only once had to use my first aid kit in anger, but this was whilst out mountain biking. Someone fell off in front of me, I slammed on the brakes, went over the handlebars, and landed right hand on their chain ring - No 8 large dressing staunched the flow of blood nicely, and I was able to push my bike back to the car, but I now have a collection of parallel scars running diagonally across my right palm and fingers.

I'm making up a new kit - it will be -

Large dressing
Triangular bandage
A couple of plasters

..and that's it.

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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #4 on: 15:36:06, 26/03/19 »
Luckily ive never had to open my emergency kit, that i was given when i was driving my Audi A1 a few years ago.
I sold the car last year, but as the kit was so comprehensive, and in a very handy canvas holdall, it sits under the passenger seat of my current car.
Its a bit too bulky to go inside my rucsack, but fair play to the Germans, it has so many handy bits and pieces, that i recon it would cost a pretty penny to put together.

Its nice to know that its there, if an emergency arises.


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #5 on: 16:02:03, 26/03/19 »
Mine was opened 3 times during our recent NZ trip - each time for Mrs Ninthace who seems to have a penchant for losing the contest with gravity.  She fell twice on the Tongariro Crossing, losing skin on fingers, wrists and palms and once falling off a kerb which was far more dramatic in terms of effect (cut toes and knees and torn trousers).
Lessons learned:
Carry a decent selection of simple plasters and a roll of cut to length plaster and the means to cut it
Antiseptic wipes are useful, especially if you are not down the the last one
Antiseptic cream on the plaster gauze is ok but not so much it spreads to the sticky part
Micropore tape wound round a plaster helps it stay on and contain the leak but an old roll of tape is a so and so unpeel and not that sticky when you have.
Remember to restock as soon as possible, you never know when you are going to need it again.
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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #6 on: 16:08:35, 26/03/19 »
I used to travel light with something very small, but having been in attendance at a number of accidents (including ones related to climbing) I replaced the small container in favour of something which holds more.
I bought a Lifeventure pack and supplemented what came with it.

I suppose most people know to check the 'sell by' dates on some of the dressing/plasters/tablets, on a regular basis.
The last time I checked, a load of my stuff was out of date and needed replacing.
It would be hard & boring to list everything mine contains but amongst the most frequently used/replenished are; plasters/dressings/disposable gloves/ibuprofen/paracetamol/compeed/small scissors/anti-septic gel(cream)/wound rinse(wash)/several safety pins/ ....

It is too large & heavy but it acts like an insurance policy (hopefully I'll never need some of the things but at least they are there).
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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #7 on: 16:43:31, 26/03/19 »

I've abandoned plasters - never seem to have an appropriate size - for non adhesive dressings and micropore.

Mepitel dressings are amazing for an area of clean open wound such as a graze or (in my case) burn or scald. Covered lightly with a gauze or similar and secured, well away from the edges of the actual wound, with micropore they can be then be left in place whilst the wound heals. They are silicone covered so as the wound heals over they don't stick at all.

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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #8 on: 17:08:14, 26/03/19 »
Out of date dressings should be okay to continue with as long as they are still sealed.
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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #9 on: 19:14:47, 26/03/19 »
I've never really given much thought to a well thought out First Aid kit, maybe I should. I just carry a roll of Elastoplast, a pair of scissors, tweezers, (for splinters) a nit comb and some Gaviscon type tablets (the cheap ones) for my Hiatus Hernia. I can't lie flat without them.


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #10 on: 19:26:38, 26/03/19 »
I have a bought one, I can’t think of the name but I’ve taken stuff out and added Ibuprofen, Anadins, compeeds, Voltarol and some of those Steri Strips for closing deep cuts.
It also contains my tent and mat repair stuff as well as a small roll of electrical tape and about a metre of black gaffer tape wound onto a pencil.
I’ve only needed to use it once when I came across a family on Blencathra where the kids were wearing plastic wellies and had blisters so I broke out the Compeeds. It made me quite angry to come across such clueless parents but I managed to hold my breath.


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #11 on: 21:57:34, 26/03/19 »
On the pills side I take a few each of:


For actual first-aid I've tried think of possible likely injuries which I guess are going to be falling causing cuts, grazes, sprains or breaks, plus blisters. So I have:

Blister plasters
A bit of blister stick supposedly to lubricate and stop them
A couple of standard plasters for little cuts
A large non-stick dressing
A bandage for sprains etc
Alcohol wipes and a safety pin
Water purification tablets in case I lose/break my filter.

In the summer I put in a travel tube of sunblock
My knife-card thingy has scissors and tweezers in it.

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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #12 on: 22:11:37, 26/03/19 »
Out of date dressings should be okay to continue with as long as they are still sealed.
I was led to believe that it is tha actual plastic sealing that starts to degrade and contaminate the dressings. 

I'm sure there is a reasonable margain for error though.


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #13 on: 06:34:28, 27/03/19 »
I carry one of those Lifeventure kits with a few bits and pieces added, mostly Compeed, Ibuprophen or Paracetemol and Immodium. I'm very lucky in that I've only ever needed the Compeed which, like taxino 8, I've administered to others along the trail. Paracetemol came in handy the morning after an unanticipated reunion at the old Kingshouse about a decade ago. Hard to imagine that happening at the new one somehow - but give it time.


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Re: First Aid Kit (not again!)
« Reply #14 on: 08:39:28, 27/03/19 »
I used to lead groups back in the day and used to carry a comprehensive 1ST aid kit but I still used to insist that members carried a personal one too. As previously stated it important to be aware of used by dates, I bet there’s loads of obsolete dressings etc being humped around the hills every weekend…..