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Re: Stove and compact pot
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For proper oatcakes you need to use the Oatmeal of Alford - stoneground Scottish oats about a mile away.
  Oatcakes with true grit  :)
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Re: Stove and compact pot
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The only time I've cooked a tin of food on a stove was a can of Heinz Ravioli in Tomato Sauce - Pierced the can in 3 places on the lid, removed the label and stood it in slow roiling water on a Jetboil for five mins - Opened the can and the Ravioli was hot and then used the water for a cup of tea - Other times I've used sealed MRE rations (the US Army Beef Stew was good) in boiling water to heat, but most times its boil the water on a Jetboil and pour it into one of those dried food packets and wait for it to turn from sawdust to soggy sawdust.
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