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Re: Hi from Shetland
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Welcome from Shropshire
Their Land is in Our Country.


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Re: Hi from Shetland
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Hello and welcome from Portsmouth.


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Re: Hi from Shetland
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Also contemplating a cycling / walking holiday on Shetland, but struck by the almost complete lack of footpaths of any length on the OS maps. Are there more footpaths on the ground that are implied by the map? Or is any significant walking we do going to be "off trail"?

There is a lack of footpaths in the hills and around the coast. In days of yore most communications in Shetland were by sea around the coast and across the voes (narrow sea inlets like mini-fiords). As a result of this there isn't the network of hill tracks, stalkers paths and so on that you find in upland areas and the Highlands. Where there were tracks they tend to have been incorporate into the modern road network. Good place for road cycling (which I do). Some people I know do mountain bike (which I don't) but there are no great lengths of land rover tracks or single tracks.

Walking tends to be over heather, grass and rocks with occasional tracks. I've come to think of this as a good thing although it does slow one up a bit.


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Re: Hi from Shetland
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@ stickweaver - Shetland is lovely for walking although you do have to go 'off piste' a bit.

A few suggested walks -
- Gloup and Bagi Stack lighthouse in North Yell.
- Point of Fethaland
- Muckle Roe circular
- Ronas Hill and NW to the clifftops above Lang Ayre. Some remarkable parallel trenches along the top of the crumbling granite cliffs, which are slowly collapsing into the sea!
- Eshaness coastal, north and south from the lighthouse.

- Sumburgh Head from Grutness. Look out for puffins. And whales.

Although I live in Orkney, my last two jobs involved frequent travel to Shetland.


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Re: Hi from Shetland
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Post or send a PM when your plans are clearer and I will try to help in any way I can. John

Thanks Astaman - will do.

Mark Sabine

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Re: Hi from Shetland
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Hi. I'm brand new so here goes...
I can recommend the SUW. While I love the Highlands and Islands I feel the borders are a bit overlooked. The SUW gives good variety and a sense of remoteness that can be hard to find in the UK. It's not without its issues. There are forestry diversions on occasions and some of the waymarking is missing in the more remote places. The ranger service is very helpful but it is a largely unsupported route and unlike the unofficial English coast to coast there is no real packhorse service. I've done it twice with the company of a different son and it's been both challenging and rewarding. I'd also fly the flag for Offas Dyke. Very popular and a beautiful walk. No mountains ,but some vertical hills. Plenty of packhorse available. We camped it but sadly no opportunity for wild camping so a bit of campsite booking needed. Hope this helps. All the best.