Author Topic: My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!  (Read 724 times)


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My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!
« on: 11:31:12, 29/04/19 »
For some time now I have used a 14.99 Decathlon windproof jacket. It works very well but for me has three drawbacks, the hood can't be secured tightly around the face, it's a bit short in length and its breathing quality is poorish.

I read a 'Great Outdoors' article today where their writer recommends the Montane Lite Speed windproof and his second choice a Rab Vital jacket.

Would anyone support this recommendation, or from your experience are there better options for me to choose from?


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Re: My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!
« Reply #1 on: 11:41:27, 29/04/19 »
Hi Reg

I've got a Montane Lite Speed and love it - not sure of hood performance as I don't tend to use it, though when I have used it, I don't remember being disappointed..  It's also not particularly long, but I do find it pretty miraculously warm given how light it is.  It also stuffs into tiny space.   It lives in my bag, and gets used a lot.  It also appears to be quite hardwearing - I've had mine for four years and it still performs well.



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Re: My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!
« Reply #2 on: 12:25:20, 29/04/19 »
I have the lite speed too, and have no complaints. It is great as a windproof shell, I love the hood which is snug, but moves with head well. It compacts down the to the size of an orange. I would say it is shower proof, if there is persistent rain you will get wet. I've had mine for a year or so and the sleeves are starting to wet out now, rather than bead the water. It dries very quickly, when the shower stops. It does exactly what I wanted from it, to be a wind proof shell.


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Re: My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!
« Reply #3 on: 12:30:32, 29/04/19 »
I got the Rab Vital jacket a couple of months ago, and its been great. Very light and compact - it zips into its own pocket. Seems almost magic how something so thin adds warmth when its windy. No issues so far with breathability - that's for hiking, I've not tried running in it. Its fairly close fitting, especially across the shoulders - I ended up in one size larger than I typically need as a result. It comes down to my waist at the front, and slightly lower at the back. No hood, though, so if that's an issue for you you'd want to look elsewhere (I prefer layers without hoods, disliking the way multiple layers otherwise mean multiple hoods in a big lump at the back of your neck. If its cold enough for a hood, I wear a hat).

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Re: My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!
« Reply #4 on: 13:45:50, 29/04/19 »
The Montane Litespeed is a great choice, as a windproof.
Ive got a blue one, and the hood is pretty decent, and its a great windstopper, but forget about any waterproofing properties.

When new, its shower proof, but not waterproof, and the water repellant coating soon washes off.

Its more of a windproof top, and not really designed for any heavy rain shower.

Its main advantage is that it dries in minutes.

Its made from Ripstop Pertex, so is very wind proof, and dries so quickly, that i recon its a close second to my Buffalo windshirt.

The hood is well designed, and the whole jacket folds away into that apple sized string bag.

Shop around, and ive seen the Lite Speed for sale on ebay, from small independent dealers, for as low as 40.

Its a great all rounder, and mine is over eleven years old, and still in great shape.
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Re: My Decathlon windproof is fine but....!
« Reply #5 on: 19:00:52, 29/04/19 »
For windproof kit I like Paramo. I have two oldish Paramo Fueras for sale, pm me for details if interested.