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Day 1

We were off out on a 2 nighter, we started from Patterdale and walked to Hartsop along the lovely footpath from Rooking. There had been snow on the northern fells coming in on the Caldbeck bus but there was none to be seen on the tops from Patterdale.

Lamb at Rooking

The weather wasn't bad, there were clear views but it was cold. There was a lot of cloud so we don't get much sunshine.

Toward Middle Dodd from the path

A sign at the car park at Hartsop

Yep, can't argue with that

The obligatory barn shot

We stopped for lunch at Hayeswater Gill before starting the climb up our first fell of the weekend, Brock Crags. We walked to the filter house then zig zagged up the fell. We were looking for a stile on the left when we reached a wall. We weren't using the stile but the path zig zags just beside it. We must have missed the stile because we realised we were too far across the fell. There was a new deer fence near the wall and we wondered if the stile had been replaced with a gate, there had been a gate we had passed. Instead of back tracking we made use of a path in a groove which zig zagged more steeply up the fell than the normal path. This petered out and we continued climbing steeply until we were left of the summit.

The view toward Brothers water from the way up

Across Lingy Crag to St Sunday Crag

Beefy and Squeaky on Brock Crags summit

It was really windy up here and bitterly cold. Back to winter.

We were hoping to pitch somewhere between The Knott and Satura Crag. We had pitched near here before a few years ago but wanted somewhere slightly different. We found a spot straight away that ticked all the boxes. Out of the wind, flat, hidden from the path, great view and view of the possible sunset. It was early, before 3pm but we couldn't be seen from the path so we got the tent up.

The MSR with a great view to the west

The MSR with the view toward High Street, Hayeswater and Gray Crag

We'd got some water to filter from a nearby tarn. It looked a bit brown but once it was filtered it was quite clear and tasted fine.

We had a brew, got our gear sorted then scoffed our tea. With the cloudy skies we weren't hopeful of a good sunset. We had some wine and kept a lookout for the sun going down.

The sun going down behind Raise

It was one of those wow moments and the tarn that supplied our water supplied us with some great photos too.

The sun seemed to roll down the side of Raise to Sticks Pass then cloud covered it.

The sun appeared again before dipping down behind Stybarrow Dodd

What a wonderful sunset this was

Always much better when you don't expect to get one! We finished our wine and we agreed this had been one of our favourite wild camps.

Day 1 was Patterdale - Crookabeck - Hartsop - Filter House - Brock Crags -  pitch near Satura Crag. 10km with 500m ascent.

Day 2

The temperature didn't drop as low as forecast overnight, we'd expected below freezing but there was no frost on the tent or grass. I saw some deer on Rest Dodd when we started to pack up.

Zooming in on the deer

We were too far away to get any close up shots. We said goodbye to the great little pitch and we were on or way to The Knott.

On the Coast to Coast path with The Knott in view

We chatted to a really nice bloke on the way who was on a mountain bike who was going up High Street and down Gray Crag. Rather him than me lol, I don't think my balance would be any better on a bike coming down a steep fell like that.

On The Knott

On the way up High Street

The wind was making itself felt here and again it was bitterly cold.

Beefy and Squeaky on High Street

At Mardale Ill Bell summit cairn

Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick from the path to Thornthwaite Crag

Thornthwaite Crag

There was sleet falling as we approached the summit. We were ready for a break and some food so we huddled behind the wall and used the tent footprint as a tarp so we didn't get wet. The sleet was heavy for ten minutes but thankfully it stopped and we were on our way again.

Froswick ahead

The fells had been very quiet earlier and we'd only seen a handful of people. It was now the rush hour! We stopped a few times to let a few groups of walkers get passed us, they were walking faster than we were.
Looking back at Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag from Ill Bell

Beefy and Squeaky on the summit of Ill Bell

We were lucky to get shots on the summits without anyone on, it was busy up there.

Yoke was the last fell of the day.

The view west from Yoke

We stopped for a rest at a place we'd pitched before, on a rocky shelf below the summit. We were tired and we pitched here instead of carrying on to Buck Crag. It started raining at 7pm and it clouded over. No surprise sunset this time  :(

The MSR pitched below Yoke

Day 2 was Pitch - The Knott - High Street - Mardale Ill Bell - Thornthwaite Crag - Froswick - Ill Bell - Yoke - pitch below. 12km with 660m ascent

Day 3

Again the temperature didn't drop as much as we thought it would. No frost about. We were doing two more Wainwright's for Sqeaky, Sallows and Sour Howes before getting our bus at Troutbeck.

Zooming in on Bowfell, Scafell Pike and Langdale Pikes from the descent of Yoke

Looking north from Sallows

On the way to Sour Howes

Beefy and Squeaky on Sour Howes summit

Sqeaky did 10 Wainwright's this weekend  :)

On the descent to Troutbeck

Dubbs Reservoir and Windermere

Zooming in on the Scafells

We stopped for a brew and some food before we reached Troutbeck.

The view from our brew stop

Troutbeck Church

We got the bus at 11.50 and after 3 and half hours and 2 more buses we were back home again. A grand long weekend but it should be summer by now! Can we have some warmer weather for next weekend?

Day 3 was Pitch - Sallows - Sour Howes - Troutbeck . 9.25km with 160m ascent
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Lovely sunset, April. And the zoomed shots of Scafell are good.

I haven't been over the Troutbeck hills; something to look forward to when we move 'Sooth', hopefully later this year.
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Great pics and write up Ape O0
Was a bit chilly but what a brill weekend of fun and adventure, two cracking wild camps and watching that sunset reflecting on the tarn was lovely, hope it’s a bit warmer this weekend,
Tremendous  8)

gary m

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Great photos april
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Brilliant photos of a great area. Looks like a really interesting linear route.

Squeaky is ticking off her Wainwrights.

I assume your ascent of Brock Crag was to the east of Prison Crag? I've plans to come down that way in the summer but was wondering what it is like.
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Nice black lamb  :)
That dog has done more wainwrights than me  :-[
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Great photos April, looks lovely! O0
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Another good linear route with great pitches and photos  O0. The sunset is a fine one considering the conditions that day, it's magical when that happens.


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Thanks Richard, beefy, gary, Ridge, pleb, sunnydale and vghikers  O0

I assume your ascent of Brock Crag was to the east of Prison Crag?

No, from the filter house we headed west on the track marked on the OS map but we missed the zig zag turning in a north easterly direction toward Satura Crag/Prison Crag. I realised we'd missed it when we got close to the wall that leads up in between Brock Crags and Lingy Crag. There was a path in a groove there but it is steeper than the normal route from the filter house. It is the second time I have missed the turn off there  ;D It is easier to find on the way down, it is a pleasant route up and down. We enjoyed our route up, even though it was hard work carrying our camping gear.
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Super photos April    :)   Love the little black lamb


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Gret pics April - and you're right - please can it get warm again - I start the C2C next week and its been peeing down in Liverpool all week.


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Thanks Dovegirl and pdstsp  :)

Enjoy the C2C pdstsp. I think the weather is looking better for next week  O0 Are you going west to east? Are you attempting to beat Slogger's time or take it a bit easier?  ;)
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Great wild camp weekend April, loved the sunset shot. Thanks for a great report and pici’s.  O0

I'm going to struggle staying ahead of Squeaky at this rate  :D
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Once again, smashing pics and write up April  O0
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Rob Goes Walking

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Nice TR April as usual. The tarn sunset shot was particularly special.