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« on: 10:23:15, 15/05/19 »
Hi everyone! I am a new member here. I walked Camino (St, James) way 3 times, all of them I started in SJPDP and finished in Santiago. This way changed me a lot, so now I am searching for a few new ways to explore. I hope to find here all necessary information for my adventures.  :)


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Re: Hello!
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Hello from Portsmouth. I was going to ask you what SJPDP meant but the penny has just dropped - St Jean Pied du Port. Did you take the same route each time? I've driven from Bilbao to the Mediterranean a few times, looking from the motorway across the flat grape areas always looked daunting to me, seemed to be very little shade out there? Does the walk avoid the area or do you just have to plod through it? I walked from Roncesvalles to St Jean last year, blistering hot day, I stayed overnight at the Refuge about 10km from there. Great fun, good food, too much wine!


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Re: Hello!
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Welcome from Lincolnshire.  I walked the Frances in 2017. Next year I intend to do it again but adding in a walk from the  airport to Bayonne and from there using the old Voies de la Nive route to SJPDP. 
There are plenty of great long distance walks in the UK though the infrastructure is clearly not as good as the Caminos due to lack of footfall I would imagine. 

Farmers in the UK have yet to realise the potential value of unused buildings on major LDWs.
Have fun.
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Re: Hello!
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Welcome from Aberdeenshire


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Re: Hello!
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Welcome to the forum from Orkney.  :)