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Breakfast before Ben Nevis!
« on: 11:42:34, 16/05/19 »
Good morning! We are doing Ben Nevis on Saturday and need to start by 0800 latest.  Does any know of a good place for a decent Scottish fried breakfast that will be open before then. If it is just a 'burger van' that will be fine. I have tried google but to no avail. JJ's café look really good but doesn't open till 0800.
Thank you in advance.

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Re: Breakfast before Ben Nevis!
« Reply #1 on: 15:49:13, 16/05/19 »
Try the local, very poor shops in Fort William, there might be a cafe open that early, but Fort William is not one of the best shopping areas ive visited, it was a real disappointment.

I remember seeing one or two cafes there, when i visited two years ago, but the shopping area of Fort William was not a highlight of my visit, which is very strange, considering its a mecca for walkers, and Britains highest mountain less than three miles down the road.

That is, if you intend using the Glen Nevis route, its the easiest and safest, if the weather is not perfect.

Your better off making your own sandwiches or packed lunch, or buying loads of chocolate and sugary sweets, because the slog up the side of Ben Nevis from the Glen Nevis visitors centre car park, was a long slog, of around three hours or more., and another two to three hours down.

Your better off eating really well the night before, and refilling your energy reserves every half hour or so, on small high energy reserve rations.

Ive only done Ben Nevis once, in mid October, in unseasonably mild and sunny conditions, the entire summit plateau, was free of cloud for over a week, which according to the manager of the Croit Anna hotel, was a rare event.

The tourist path, was like climbing the Llanberis path up Snowdon, but adding at least an hour or longer on your eventual walking time, it all depends on your fitness, but the tourist path up the Benn, was not difficult or challenging.

I knew i was on a big mountain, far higher than any i had been on since Snowdon, but the path was very easy to follow and navigate, up until you reached the huge plateau that is.

I found the only challenging aspect of the entire walk up the mountain, was the vast summit plateau it self.

Even though i had magnificent visibility, its was a terribly confusing place to be, very similar to Carnedd Llewellyn, but on a much larger scale, and nearly a 1000ft higher as well.

It had so many paths criss crossing the vast plateau, all looking the same, that in poor visibility, it would be a challenge in itself, to find the return path, and boy was it cold.

Breakfast or regular food is obviously important, but what is more important, is having a regular water supply.

If you had a very hearty supper the night before, then eating small amounts on a regular basis, and trying to remain hydrated will ensure success in your climb of Britains highest mountain.

Possibly there may be one of the cafes open that time of morning, but i cannot guarantee it,

Either way, the Glen Nevis centre where the tourist path starts from, was in easy walking distance of Fort Williams disappointing shopping area, .

To be on the safe side, eat really well the night before, and ensure you have loads of tasty nibbles, and plenty of water.

The assent of Ben Nevis, was not difficult, but staying hydrated is probably more important than a hearty breakfast.

I wore my Camelbak Cloud Breaker sac, and was able to sip water continually from the visitor centre carpark, to the summit and back down.

Have a hearty breakfast, in Fort William before 8am, might be on the cards, but if your unlucky, then a huge evening meal prior to your early start the next morning would be a safer bet.

Either way, Fort Williams shops are less than three miles from the Glen Nevis visitors centre, so if your lucky with early nosh, reaching the start of your walk takes minutes.

Good luck, and dress warm for the summit.

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Re: Breakfast before Ben Nevis!
« Reply #2 on: 17:34:12, 16/05/19 »
If there’s a Premier Inn you can often get breakfast at their attached restaurant even if you’re not staying there. Just searched and theres one with a Brewers Fayre attached that opens at 7am on Saturdays. Not sure about a Scottish breakfast but you’ll probably get a cooked one.

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Re: Breakfast before Ben Nevis!
« Reply #3 on: 17:48:47, 16/05/19 »
Just checked, there is a Premier Inn in Fort William, so it might be a great idea to ring ahead beforehand, and book breakfast.
They can either say sorry, or no problem, what's your poison, the FULL Scottish or just toast and coffee.

At least we now know, there is the possibility of an early breakfast in Fort William.


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Re: Breakfast before Ben Nevis!
« Reply #4 on: 18:52:50, 16/05/19 »
My reply to the same question asked on a previous thread.....

There is a Brewers Fayre next to the Premier Inn a few minutes from the Railway Station, just at the start of the Great Glen Way.

Opens 6:30am during the week and 7am at weekends.
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Re: Breakfast before Ben Nevis!
« Reply #5 on: 19:19:38, 16/05/19 »
The Nevis sports cafe should be open early.