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A Haystacks adventure.
« on: 12:58:07, 22/05/19 »

We started late from Gatesgarth and made our way to the top of Haystacks by about 1400. We were greeted with a walking casualty being attended by a couple of other walkers.
 As several passers by had just decided to leave the trio to it I decided that Mrs P and I would stay at least until help arrived.
 The lady who had hurt her ankle was from Canada and was Youth Hostelling on her own.
Anyway she had been made comfortable and the emergency services had been informed. The first lad from Cockermouth Mountain Rescue arrived very quickly, he had run from Buttermere!
While he attended the casualty we all helped out where we could.

Soon the entire team arrived with medical kit and stretcher and they decided to wheel the casualty off the hill. We were no longer needed and wished the lady well and proceeded with our walk, now delayed by a couple of hours.
Soon it became apparent that the plan to wheel the casualty down the slope had been updated as a rescue helicopter hovered overhead. From a distance we watched the stretcher and a crewman being hoisted up into the chopper and off to hospital.

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team were absolutely fantastic, quick, professional, cheery, and the best of us. I am glad that whenever I see a collection box  I put my money in there.

It was brilliant weather and that took away a lot of the risk for the casualty, but even so it got quite chilly as a cool wind came in and we all put on jackets over tee shirts, just goes to show you need some warm gear in that rucksack no matter what.
We continued our walk and descended via the Dubbs Quarry path, note to self; NEVER again. It was exceedingly rocky and I didn't fancy becoming another customer for the mountain rescue lads.

All in all a great hill day with an unexpected adventure thrown in, I hope the lady from Canada makes a full and quick recovery.
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Re: A Haystacks adventure.
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Good on you mate for staying around to help the casualty O0
Although I have never seen a accident up close I have seen the MR running up the hill with all their gear, It's an awe inspiring sight.
Lovely pic of the bluebells and Haystacks as well O0
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Re: A Haystacks adventure.
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What a sad but nice story  :)

Yes, I too hope the Canadian lady recovers quickly and is able to continue with her hostelling adventure.  Good on you and Mrs PB for sticking around until the MRT got there.  I can only imagine that being injured in a foreign country would be quite a daunting prospect.
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Re: A Haystacks adventure.
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Interesting day out and goes to show, anything can happen.

Do you know if she had actually summited Haystacks? Pic looks just off summit and hope she had done it but she may have been on her way up from Black Sail before her mishap.


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Re: A Haystacks adventure.
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Good for you for staying with the injured walker  O0 Nice shots  O0

The MRT are fab people who give up a lot of time to help us out when we are in trouble. We were wild camping near Little Hart Crag a few years ago and a MRT team went by us and they went up toward Dove Crag to aid somebody. We had been surprised to see anyone because it was almost dark. We had the company of a helicopter flying overhead for what seemed to be a couple of hours but it probably wasn't as long as that. We were pleased that the injured person got flown off and the MRT came by us and wished us a good night when they passed us. I wonder what plans the MRT had for their Saturday night that were scuppered? They are awe inspiring people.
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Re: A Haystacks adventure.
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Good report, good pictures and good for you  O0
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Re: A Haystacks adventure.
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We're so lucky in Britain having so many volunteers willing to give up their time to help people in trouble on the hills.

Same applies to the RNLI volunteers.