Author Topic: Do you use a VPN while traveling?  (Read 1258 times)


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Re: Do you use a VPN while traveling?
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Thank you all for the answers, but after Guy and RobGoesWalking experiences I am more worried about my online security because I often pay bills while using public Wi-Fi, so I guess it is easy to see my credit card details.

Sorry I never intended to give the impression that using a secure website over a public Wifi is insecure - quite the opposite.  It's not easy for anyone to see your credit card details, it's incredibly difficult.  In the unlikely event they can it's more likely that there was a security breach on the bill website, that some malware has got onto your PC or you were the victim of a phishing attack.  Be reasonably diligent and don't worry about it  :)

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Re: Do you use a VPN while traveling?
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Actually it happened in March last year. No idea why the redirect wasn't cached. Maybe I'd cleared the cache, though I don't usually do that. Password manager was Google Chrome.


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Re: Do you use a VPN while traveling?
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When my daughter recently returned from a 3 week trip to NZ via Dubai she found that someone, based in Poland, had managed to get into her Microsoft account and change her password.  We are not sure how this happened but she had been using public WiFi without VPN throughout her trip and the silly girl had not set up 2 factor authentication.  Fortunately, she got control of her account back with bit of help from dad and as far as we can tell no lasting was done to her business.
That is interesting.  Our daughter had a similar experience on a trip to Singapore recently, also via Dubai.  She is pretty IT savy and sorted it safely herself.  That was on an Instagram account though. So probably just an unfortunate coincidence.

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Re: Do you use a VPN while traveling?
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I get the point now  ::)
Maybe those who are using a VPN can share their recommendations?