Author Topic: BMC Vs Austrian Alpine Club  (Read 675 times)


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BMC Vs Austrian Alpine Club
« on: 20:18:39, 30/05/19 »
.I've just been reviewing my need for BMC membership and compared their costs with the Austrian Alpine Club(UK Section) These are the comparative costs for one year's membership and one (hypothetical) trip to the alps or similar.
BMC                                         AAC
Membership £39.95                Membership £40
Insurance £70.00                     Search and Rescue included
Reciprocal Rights £45              Hut discount Included
                                                 Stand alone Travel insurance £45
Total £154.95                            £85
I really can't see any point in stumping up another £70 for the BMC "deal" or am I missing something?


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Re: BMC Vs Austrian Alpine Club
« Reply #1 on: 21:52:22, 30/05/19 »
I used to be a member of the AAC (OEV in German) during my time stationed in Germany. Excellent value. Huts and other accommodation discounted and other benefits as you outlined. Reciprocal arrangements with Italian and French organisations too in those days , the 80s. Don't know if still in force. Maybe I should join again , feel a Dolomites trip coming on.....
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Re: BMC Vs Austrian Alpine Club
« Reply #2 on: 22:46:37, 31/05/19 »
I would also recommend the Austrian Alpine Club (UK), for the hut discount but most importantly for the Search and a Rescue cover

If you havenít already got their Hut Guide (Alpensvereins Hutten Ostalpen) I would also recommend that.
Itís in German but the AAC(Uk) provided a translation of the key terms you need to make use of the book if you donít speak any German.
If nothing else the Hut Guide allows you to spend many happy hours planning future trips.

I think that you can buy maps from them at a slight discount as well.


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Re: BMC Vs Austrian Alpine Club
« Reply #3 on: 22:23:33, 05/06/19 »
what type of insurance are you going for? ive got bmc cover for a 3 week trip hiking around mont blanc for £49


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Re: BMC Vs Austrian Alpine Club
« Reply #4 on: 22:27:24, 05/06/19 »
pgt BMC has SAR cover as well £100,000 with a £95 excess per person, and £10,000,000 Emergency medical & other expenses with the same excess