Author Topic: Training for 3 Yorkshire peaks  (Read 456 times)


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Training for 3 Yorkshire peaks
« on: 15:20:11, 05/06/19 »
this has been something Iíve wanted to try for last 2 years. Basically I attend a brain injury group each week the man who set it up set me off wanting to walk them 2 years back by saying he didnít think Iíd manage them. He wasnít saying it to be nasty he has done them a few times so knows how hard they are.

There has been mentions of doing them with the group working up to them but new staff have decided against it. To be fair we did do a 10 mile in hope valley last year and I was one of 2 who struggled most. Now I have come up with the idea me training going up hills running up some walking others to get fitter and eventually ally set ups walk for me and who ever wants to join me to raise money for the charity. I am hoping and thinking the man who set the group up will join us but if not I could join him sometime as he has walked them the last 3 years.
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Re: Training for 3 Yorkshire peaks
« Reply #1 on: 19:28:52, 05/06/19 »
Well, I'm glad to hear you've not given up on this, but the advice is still the same as last time - Walking up hills is the best training.
I don't know how much your fitness has improved since your Hope valley walk, but while running up hills will certainly improve your cardio fitness; it uses different muscle groups to hiking. (Really..)

You'll still need to get your 'fuelling' right (IIRC that was maybe the root of your difficulty at Hope??) But on the whole; keep at it and keep walking. Have you tried cycling? Again, good for cardio, but again.. more different muscle groups. You wouldn't think you'd that many different muscle groups in your legs..

Keep it up O0