Author Topic: Suggestions for a few nice 10 ish mie hies around Buxton please  (Read 426 times)


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Hi all [/size]Been a while but I am seeking someone with local knowledge to help me pick a few nice hikes around Buxton.I'll be camping there with Bongo and a bike! Plan is to hit a few bridle paths with the bike but I'd also like to balance out my exercise with a few hikes. I have an OS Explorer map (with download) which I find indispensable. I'll be there Mon, Tues & Wednesday nights and the weather forecast, at the moment, is really good, so I'll be looking forward to lots of time outside!Ideally I'd like to leave my car at the campsite and start each walk/ride from there, if that's not possible then I'd like to keep driving to a minimum.Please give me your favorite walks in that area?Many thanks


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Off the top of my head chee dale few miles East of Buxton, wonderful place. Have done it from Topley pike car park, think its called, but theres other ways there. Can do a figure of 9 walk taking in monks dale.
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You can drop down into the gorgeous Goyt Valley via Goyt's Moss from the Burbage part of Buxton (West of the town),making a walk as short/long as you like. Plenty of variety in the area and a couple of reservoirs.  You can easily walk up to Shining Tor from the valley and walk along the ridge, past Pym's Chair, all the way to Windgather Rocks if you fancied it. You could then drop back down into the Northern end of the valley and return via lovely wooded paths alongside Fernilee Reservoir and then by Errwood reservoir.  A fab days walking! O0   If that sounds too far, there are many options to do shorter walks as there are plenty of paths to choose from.

A mooch around Grin Plantation/Buxton Country Park might be worth a go, with a wander up to Solomon's Temple. Not a very long walk though.

I really like walking all around the edge of Combs Moss, which you can get onto easily at the top of Lightwood Road in Buxton (North of the town).  You walk up through the site of the old Lightwood reservoir, which is now a bit of a nature/wildlife haven. On the Northern tip of Combs Moss, there's a great rocky outcrop called Castle Naze, with a hill fort next to it.  Fab views over to Combs Reservoir from there too O0
Although there seems to be no path marked on the map around the edge Combs Moss, you CAN walk all the way around. It's one of my favourite walks in that area.

Hope you have a great time exploring.

Tracey :)
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