Author Topic: Close down the countryside!  (Read 441 times)


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Close down the countryside!
« on: 16:35:37, 06/07/19 »
I was listening to Kate Adie's Radio 4 programme this morning as I drove off for my daily off-road run. One of the foreign correspondents transmitted from the Bordeaux region. A local Mayor of a small town nearby has stirred France because he has highlighted how when some city people buy a second property they seem to spend a lot of time complaining about natural countryside noises! For example, the woman who wants a pond drained and filled in because the frogs keep croaking, the family who complain that the early morning cockerel was waking them up and those who didn't like sheep and cows making noise, especially during the night! The Mayor evidently has had thousands of support letters from all over France.

During my off road run today I met and spoke to a local farmer who I know. He was lurking under the shade of a tree, typing some emails on his phone and I told him about the programme. He's at that time of the year when he needs to buy his turkeys in for the Christmas period. It didn't surprise him one bit, he told me that second homeowners, in particular, are always complaining about such things and more!

He told me that a few days ago a lady hiker complained to him, the footpath is nearby, about bugs and flies and she was really annoyed that one of them had bitten her leg!

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Re: Close down the countryside!
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In our village someone moved in next door to the pub and then complained about the noise, I think they’ve moved again now! I’ve also heard of someone who bought a house very near to a church and then complained about the church bells ringing..


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Re: Close down the countryside!
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We started growing Oil Seed Rape in the 1960's just after I left college. It was essential to use birdscarers as the early varieties were all spring sown and pidgeons could strip a field before the crop covered the ground. We employed 6 men from the village, and there were similar nos from the other farms. A few incomers had moved into the village and complained that the birdscarers were going all night and keeping them awake, but we started work at 0630, dawn was about 0430 and I was going up to the rape fields to turn on the scarers at 0530.
Needless to say the newcomers had little sympathy from the old timers in the village.
Smell of FYM used to get up their noses as well. I think the biggest mistake was blaming farmers for the owls hooting.  :2funny:
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