Author Topic: The Pennine Journey. Has anybody walked it?  (Read 266 times)


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The Pennine Journey. Has anybody walked it?
« on: 13:38:35, 09/07/19 »
I walked most of the Pennine Journey a couple of years ago but I can't remember if anyone else has done it? If you are looking for a route do please consider it, in my opinion, it's very good, only a few miles shorter than the Pennine Way. I parked my car in Settle on this occasion, walked to Horton, stayed the night and then set off proper.


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Re: The Pennine Journey. Has anybody walked it?
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Well A. W. himself didn't - he got rained off.  I remember, when I read his book about the walk, being surprised by his apparent misogyny and, dare I say it, rudeness by modern standards.  Being a bit curmudgeonly myself, I may have enjoyed sharing a pint with him but I'm not sure I would have liked to have had him as a house guest.
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Re: The Pennine Journey. Has anybody walked it?
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I walked a chunk of it  last year as an adjunct to the Pennine Bridleway. It offers a much safer route from Kirkby Stephen to the start of the PBW.

I've also read AW's account - two things stand out - being able to tun up in a village and  ask around for a bed for the night, and he mainly walked the roads - you would want to that that these days!

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Re: The Pennine Journey. Has anybody walked it?
« Reply #3 on: 18:44:25, 10/07/19 »
I've done it a couple of times camping the whole way.  It's 250 miles and does take in a chunk of the PW, but it is a circular route and so good for transport as it starts in Settle.  I enjoyed it, and would recommend it.  There is a Pennine Journey Society also.  I also believe the route is now fully waymarked - it wasn't when I last did it.  I might even do it again in reverse.  I think its popularity might be hampered by it's name as it doesn't sound like a walk, more someone's account of a journey.  As I say, if anyone is looking for a long distance route, it's worthy of a look......