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for the last few years I have wanted to walk the Yorkshire 3 peaks. I attend a brain injury group each week the man who set it up often does physical challenges wall of China, mount whatever is highest mountain in Africa, multiple marathons, 10 peak challenge are some of things heís done his biggest challenge is this Sunday iron man a swim cycle and marathon.

There has been mention of some of the group doing the Yorkshire 3 peaks but as we did a 10 mile last year on hills I struggled and the group has new staff itís been decided we are not doing the 3 peaks. The man is reluctant to say too much about it as heís worried of ending up in trouble for pushing me too much. I have spoken to him today and probably said everything I wanted to say and got response I hope for finally. Iíve told him Iím training to hopefully complete the 3 peaks sometime he knows I would jump straight in now and try, but Iíd like him to see my achievement as it has been him who set me off wanting to walk them and he doesnít think Iíd manage right now. Today he has given me some advice on cutting down on eating sweet stuff and exercising more. We did have a few minutes where he didnít want to hear any more about it as he has heard about it a lot and heís doubting I will actually do all training needed. He did come round and said if he believes I would manage the 3 peaks he would do them with me tho it would be me joining him with a group of people heís doing them with and he said it will likely be next April so thatís given me something to work towards. Got a lot of training to do and record on an app on my phone but will be worth it.