Author Topic: Fit Bit users?  (Read 1464 times)


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Re: Fit Bit users?
« Reply #15 on: 18:08:21, 20/07/19 »
Not that I know what a "ground driller" is I presume, perhaps wrongly, that there would be a fair amount of shaking/movement of the wrist. If that is correct then I think that the Fitbit would assume that you are walking and the steps measurement would be wrong and I assume that the calories burnt would also be incorrect.

If it is measuring heart rate then it should be smart enough to compensate.
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Re: Fit Bit users?
« Reply #16 on: 05:41:09, 22/07/19 »
I have a Fitbit Charge 3, which does the job.  Waterproof and measures steps and heart rate.

As for accuracy, it doesn't really need to be, it only has to be consistent.  So that I can compare days, etc. 

Garmin do decent alternative (including some with a GPS function, so extra useful in the outdoors).  Depends a bit on budget I suppose. 


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Re: Fit Bit users?
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Hi all,

Just after some advice really. I'm considering getting myself a fit bit, to track my fitness and gym sessions. But what I really want to know is, will it track me while I'm at work?

I work in a very physically demanding job, where I know I'm getting my daily amount of exercise, and I want something to track thing like heart rate and calories burned etc. I know they aren't alway 100% accurate, but I'm just after a general idea.

Would a fit bit be suitable, or is there something else on the market that would be better?


Hi Tom.

I can only refer to the 'fitbit-style' watches that I actually have experience of - and they're both made by Garmin.

When I took up serious walking about three years ago, I bought a Garmin Vivoactive watch and it revolutionised my life. It allowed me to accurately record my walks and, being extremely competitive (with myself!), I found myself walking further and faster and more often. For me, it was a hugely valuable incentive to get fitter.

But the battery didn't always last the distance, so I upgraded to a Garmin Vivoactive 3. This model has a heart-rate monitor (and a much longer battery life) and enables me to track my resting heart rate and VO2max, which are indicators of fitness. The Garmin PC and phone apps provide a great deal of information - including calories burned - and are excellent for tracking progress over time.

My wife also has a Vivoactive 3 (a white one!) and tracks her running and gym activities, as well as her walking. She's a big fan too!