Author Topic: TR Hadrian's Wall with a baby July 2019  (Read 980 times)

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TR Hadrian's Wall with a baby July 2019
« on: 13:40:35, 30/07/19 »
Thanks everyone for the tips.  I booked only the first and third nights in advance.   We carried all our own gear and camped about half the time because there were such nice lodging options.  We'll be continuing down the coastal path (north east) in a couple days. 

I wish I could use the baby as an excuse for our leisurely pace but we are slowed only by our fitness..she would happily carry on for 15-20 mile days!

Had a great walk on the Wall, highly recommend as a practical postpartum recovery hike for avid hikers who want to get back on the trail after baby.  If any interest in gear/sleeping/nursing/eating out/other baby details feel free to PM me! 

Itinerary (Eastbound)
Night #0:  Wallsend Wigwams (Bowness)
#1:  Highfield Farm (Burgh by Sands) **Gorgeous room w/travel cot, jetted tub.** Basic farm camping facilities.
#2:  Roman Wall Lodges (Monkhill) **Nice indoor facilities for campers!**
#3:  Crosby Camping (Crosby on Eden) - friendly farm that is up the hill from Stag Inn, just out of town. Instant soups/hot and cold drinks/ice cream/towels available. Basic shower/toilet. 
#4:  Sandysike farm **Do not miss!** Gorgeous view camping, nice facilities, plus dinner, drinks, breakfast offered. You should accept all.
#5:  Holmhead hiker barn and camping(the only stop I regret.).
#6 and 7:  Winshields Farm (Once Brewed).  **Nice!!! Friendly new owners, rebuilt shower house, bunk room, toast/tea/cereal offered. Direct path to farm from trail before Once Brewed.**
#8 Hotel George (Chollerford). Infant cot avail. Dinner was a nightmare, I would head to pub in Humshaugh instead.
#9:  Robin Hood Inn (the glamping cabins are really lovely, fabulous hosts, stellar pub).
#10:  The Keelman (Newburn) (walked here because everything in Heddon on the Wall was booked).
#11: Airbnb in Newcastle-on-Tyne.


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Re: TR Hadrian's Wall with a baby July 2019
« Reply #1 on: 13:51:30, 30/07/19 »
Glad you enjoyed it. I hiked from Carlisle and then turned north on the Pennine Way in April, I was so lucky with the weather. I too dropped down from the Wall to Winshilds Farm and stayed in the newly decorated bunkhouse, only me there. Very comfortable. I met the new owner too, a very nice man. I hope the site does well for him.

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Re: TR Hadrian's Wall with a baby July 2019
« Reply #2 on: 21:53:11, 31/07/19 »
Oh yes, Malcolm!  He was so generous, offered tea on arrival and even gave us bags of teething biscuits!  I wish him luck as well.  It's a good spot, we had to take the bus to town for diapers (nappies?) and the drivers are happy to stop right at the farm.  Plus it was a quick walk to the pub where we could eat outside while the baby played on  the grass.