Author Topic: UK scrambling grades vs. UIAA  (Read 364 times)


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UK scrambling grades vs. UIAA
« on: 18:16:28, 02/08/19 »
I'm very comfortable with grade I and II scrambles in the UK and travelling soon to the Dolomites. How do the UIAA grades (Specifically I and II) compare with the UK scrambling grades?[/size]


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Re: UK scrambling grades vs. UIAA
« Reply #1 on: 19:28:06, 02/08/19 »
For UIAA grades to UK rock climb grades.

I = easy
II = moderate
III = difficult
IV= severe
V= very severe
VI= extremely severe
VII= E 4 upward.

I and II are the same as UK scrambling grades. They often have via farrata cables on them.