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Angus Coastal Path
« on: 21:52:49, 06/08/19 »
I've just spent 4 days pushing north along the E Scottish coast, from St Andrews to Montrose.  First 2 days, through Leuchars, Tentsmuir, Tayport and over the bridge to Dundee were on the Fife Coast Path, which is well marked on the OS map and on the ground.  After that, entering Angus, I thought there'd be no waymarking ---- there's no website that I can find for an Angus Coast Path, though Angus Council's site expresses thoughts of creating one, nor any line of red diamonds  on the OS map.

But, on the ground, from Broughty Ferry to Carnoustie then from Arbroath to Lunan Sands and again from Usan to Montrose I found weathered signs for the 'Angus Coastal Path'.  These may also exist between Carnoustie and Arbroath: I can't say because I walked up the beach instead of looking for them.  I'm pretty sure that they don't exist between Red Castle (on Lunan Sands) and Usan Mains, because I didn't see any even in places (around Boddin Point t othe graveyard with the man who died before he was born) for example, where there's a clear easy well known path on the cliff tops, which'd be an obvious part of any Angus Coastal Path.  I found a last marker in the centre of Montrose, pointing north, so I assume that the route continues. 

Does anyone have any local knowledge of this Angus Coast Path?  The markers are oldish; it doesn't look like a route in development.    Was it started then abandoned?   [size=78%]Is there actually a continuous line?[/size][size=78%]  [/size][size=78%]How far beyond Montrose does it continue? [/size][size=78%]Does it join a coastal route in Aberdeenshire?[/size]

P.S.  I can recommend the Angus Coast, irrespective of this 'ghost' path, which is actually a considerable help, especially from Auchmithie to Lunan Sands where there's no route on the cliff tops and one has to zig-zag though more or less overgrown back lanes.  There are some real highlights, leastways beyond Carnoustie..... The sands to Arbroath, the cliffs from Arbroath to Auchmithie, Lunan Sands, Boddin Point to Scurdie Ness were all good, though bits of road from Lunan to Boddin were less so, also the plod between the railway and an army camp from Monifieth to Carnoustie.

Being attacked by two large farmyard geese at Usan was a profoundly unpleasant experience, ultimately resolved by waving a trekking pole at them.


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Re: Angus Coastal Path
« Reply #1 on: 09:21:50, 07/08/19 »
Never heard of that one. The LDWA doesn't list it, it's either very obscure or old/abandoned. That reminds me of the plan to establish a round-Britain coastal route, I must check on that.

I find that coastlines generally don't lend themselves to continuous good walking lines, the routes are usually messy and involve frequent unnatural detours inland, enjoying only relatively brief good clifftop/beach walking sections. The Fife Coast path was pretty good overall.