Author Topic: Hiking and our 5 senses, or is it 9?  (Read 484 times)


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Hiking and our 5 senses, or is it 9?
« on: 12:31:46, 14/08/19 »
Read an article yesterday about our 9 senses and how we use them in all sorts of situations. I started to think about how well do I use them when I hike?

1 - Sight - all the time!
2 - Hearing - As I strolled on the Two Moors Way recently I was very aware of a lack of bird sounds. Very quiet. I also love the sound of rain falling on my tent, very comforting.
3 - Taste - I love scrumping, many blackberries were ready for eating. The pub food I had, however, was only just so-so!
4 - Smell - I don't have a good sense of smell but I seemed to walk through and smell a lot of cow dung on the route. I do hate it though when my sleeping quilt starts to pong!
5 - Touch - one thing I do like is when I'm able to experience that Russell Crowe 'Gladiator' moment, walking along at peace with the world stroking long grass or wheat with my fingers.
6 - Thermoception - Happy to experience all weathers, sun, rain, wind, cold, I really like our constantly changing weathers.
7 - Nociception - I had one blister, not happy!
8 - Equilibrioception - as I get older I become more aware of my balance, jumping from rock to rock, walking along narrow ledge paths, etc.
9 - Proprioception - I can feel very small when the vista around me is so big.

Not sure if I understand the last three senses properly?


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Re: Hiking and our 5 senses, or is it 9?
« Reply #1 on: 12:59:12, 14/08/19 »
I can tell you you do not understand proprioception.  It is the awareness and perception of the position of the body. You use it when you duck under a branch or hop from rock to rock.  Likewise when you reach for something without looking at it.

Technically you have also misunderstood taste and smell. Most of what we regard as taste is actually smell.  Taste is limited to sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami.
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Re: Hiking and our 5 senses, or is it 9?
« Reply #2 on: 13:04:04, 14/08/19 »
Nociception is pain caused by external (to the nerve) factors, as opposed to pain caused by nerve damage.

Equilibrioception is indeed balance.

Proprioception is the awareness of where bits of your body are. So can you touch your fingertip to the tip of your nose with your eyes closed? Can you keep your eye on the ball and get your hands there to catch it? I often examine this when caving and all lights are out to make it truly completely dark. People with very good proprioception can 'see' a shadow of their hand as they pass it in front of their face but not someone else's hand - overspill from one sense being interpreted by the brain as another.
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Re: Hiking and our 5 senses, or is it 9?
« Reply #3 on: 22:41:21, 14/08/19 »
1 - Sight - I love to stand and stare  O0
2 - Hearing - Can't beat listening to the wind, the birdsong, the bzzzz of insects, the crack of twigs, the crunch of frosty footsteps  :)
3 - Taste - Never does a sarnie and cuppa taste so good than when on a walk  ;)
4 - Smell - Damp earth after rain, fresh harvest, heather... close my eyes and sniff  :)
5 - Touch - Not so keen on sitting on a thistle or being slapped around the face by head-high wet ferns  :-\
6 - Thermoception - No idea what it is but "thermo" seems to imply temperature so I'll say I like the contrast of warm sunshine and a cool breeze, either that or being wrapped up all cozy on a bitterly cold, winter's day  :)
7 - Nociception - had to google this and I refer you to the sitting on a thistle comment above.  There is no pleasure in pain... (well....  :D  )
8 - Equilibrioception - My balance is crap.  To compensate and give me confidence, I have a walking staff.
9 - Proprioception - I only have conscious awareness in my yoga sessions  ???   Perhaps it's something I do without thinking/on a subconscious level when walking, maybe, perhaps, possibly?
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Re: Hiking and our 5 senses, or is it 9?
« Reply #4 on: 20:41:52, 15/08/19 »
Is there a No. 10?
1. Sight: I was taught to use a gun at a very young age, the accuracy of sights on a prey, too easy, seeing those little signs that the gun was pointing towards a 'NO KILL'
2 - Hearing: Never my strong point, though I do catch the plop of a fish breaking the surface of a pool.
3 - Taste: Stolen fruit or paid for pint, all the rewards for a day in the country.
4 - Smell: As it fails later in life, an awareness of loss, Mrs BWW now tells me that she has scented a fox, something I taught, how to sway the body back through the narrow band of scent to confirm.
5 - Touch: Rugosity of rock; that lovely feeling of extra grip, due the physical properties of different rock, when adhesion is so necessary.
6 - Thermoception: The waft of cool from a change in wind, 
7 - Nociception: Muscle burn, that pain that age tells of its onset and the blood supply is not likely to be improved by greater amount of training.
8 - Equilibrioception: Realization that a stick has other uses than fashion accessory!
9 - Proprioception: That understanding that I can or cannot step over a barbed wire fence without damaging the family jewels.

10 - Perception: The neurophysiological processes, including memory, by which an organism becomes aware of and interprets external stimuli. Perhaps the sense I was looking for in the answers to this topic.
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