Author Topic: What3words app for your location  (Read 3291 times)


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Re: What3words app for your location
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I wonder what the location for the 3 words  “No f’ing idea” is?

 ;D ;D ;D .
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Re: What3words app for your location
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Hello....I am registered with the 999 number ….appears as 999 on my list of Messaging folks. Ready to press if needed.
With the OS Locate system that I have used as a trial to contact my wife with the two alpha letters and the six figure the Share button and choose Message or e mail to automatically relay the data... i.e. your Map Reference.
She then would have to relay the data to the emergency services.
I guess works in the same way as the emergency SMS...that of getting data through with the minimum of reception?
Emergency SMS will be direct with perhaps no room for error in the Data relayed?
Thanks to 'ninthace' for putting me on to this facility.