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Someone's going to need to explain the difference between the two to me, I'm afraid.

Wifi - short range (max about 100m) but fast data connection between the phone and a landline via a router - usually just within a single building. You'll have paid for it at home as part of your "broadband" landline package, but its use doesn't cost your mobile anything. Often also offered out and about by cafes, stations etc etc, generally entirely for free.

Mobile data - Data through your mobile phone signal, so coverage more or less the same as that for making a mobile phonecall. Not as fast as wifi, and paid for as part of your mobile phone package, usually at much higher rates than are charged for landline broadband (so save big downloads for wifi, where they'll be quicker and cheaper).

In the context of this thread we're basically talking about mobile data, ie using your mobile out and about. But coverage is still obviously limited, particularly in the remote places where one might really need it. Hence the use of satellite based services (eg SPOT and inReach) by some - but these are really quite pricey still.


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Re: FollowMee
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Thank you for that clear explanation  O0