Author Topic: Anyone owned Meindl, Minnesota Pro, Litepeak GTX or Air Revolution Ultra  (Read 437 times)


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I am looking to buy either the Meindl Air Revolution Ultra or Litepeak GTX boots.

I have read a few reports that the wet grip isn't very good on them even though they have a Vibram sole, which is worrying me as that is the main reason i am buying them.

I currently use Salomon Quest 3 4D GTX boots which are great boots in terms of comfort and build quality, but the wet grip is pretty poor.

Not many brands of boots suit my feet, but in the past Meindl have so that is the brand i am looking to buy. I have the Litepeak and Air Revolution Ultra coming from Amazon in the next couple of days. They both have the same Vibram sole which is the same sole used on the Minnesota as well.

I am starting to worry now as i have been reading reports while i am waiting for them to arrive, and a few reports have mentioned the grip in the wet is very poor. I just took it for granted that the wet grip would be good as every other Vibram sole i have owned in the past has had superb wet grip. It just so happens the two pairs i have coming both have the exact same Vibram outer sole, just my luck as Meindl use loads of different Vibram soles.

I won't be able to test them in the wet incase i need to return them, so i was wondering if anyone on here has owned either of theses boots and can comment on the wet grip.